Types of online Insurance courses

There are various organizations and training colleges that offer online insurance courses. Some courses are free while others require payment of fee. Short courses are ideal during pandemic period because they require less time to complete. Learning is done through video tutorials, notes and in virtual classrooms.

  • Life Assurance and Portfolio Management
  • Industrial Risk Management
  • Industrial Claim Management
  • Electronic Record Management
  • Claims Management
  • Diploma in Insurance

Below is a list on institutions where online insurance courses are offered during the pandemic.

  1. College of Insurance

The college offers insurance courses at Diploma and Certificate levels. Short courses take between two to ten days are also available. The college has an online learning platform. Applicants can send their request online through the college website

  1. Udemy

The college offers paid online courses. Video courses are uploaded on its website and can be accessed through computers or mobile phones. More courses and course details are found on the institution website using the address www.udemy.com.  Insurance courses offered include:

Insurance Fundamentals

Excel skills for Insurance Professionals

Life insurance course

Insurance Planning and Risk Analysis – certified by CFP

Corporate Insurance and Fraud Protection

  1. Edx.org 

EdX is an international non-profit organization that has partnered with over 160 top universities from different countries to offer online courses. It offers insurance courses in various aspects like actuarial science, business administration, planning for risks and retirement.

  1. National online insurance school

It claims to have comprehensive content, instructional videos and interactive illustrations. There is an examination after the online lessons are completed. Online insurance courses can be learnt at National Online Insurance School through a computer or smartphone. 

  1. Insurance Institute

The institute offers a course program covering casualty and property insurance. The distance and online learning can be used by employers to encourage employees to take an online insurance course during the pandemic. The institute gives a certificate on completion of the course after passing the online test.

  1. Alison.com 

Alison offers various courses online; insurance courses included. The courses are free of charge. However, to get a certificate, the learner will be charged some amount. Lessons are offered via video tutorials and notes.

In conclusion

Whether someone is interested in getting insurance license or to simply widen their knowledge about insurance, online insurance courses during the pandemic is the answer. Learning is done at a pace chosen by the learner and at the comfort of their homes. What they need is basic computer skills and internet access. Some institutions have learning platforms that are supported by most smartphones. 

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