Student Resources

BPS subscribes for various online learning resources, allowing BPS students to log in to these paid accounts for free, using their BPS email addresses.
We use many of these services during school hours, and most of them could be used at home too. If you are a parent or guardian with questions regarding your child's access, please contact Ms. Blake at, Mr. Ng, or the student's homeroom teacher.
Reading: Online library of books.  Read, record yourself reading aloud, or just listen to a book read for modeled fluency. + Interactive quizzes to check understanding.

StarFall: Interactive comprehension and phonemic activites for young readers.
First in Math  Fun Math games & tests.  See how JQS is doing, how your class is doing or how you are doing!

Spelling City   Elementary through High School Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing, Parts of Speech, Handwriting, Alphabetical Order