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Ms. Wu

I started working at the JQES in 2004. I started off as a student teacher in a G.3 classroom, while I studied and worked towards becoming a licensed educator.  Then I filled the substitute teacher position in a G.3-5 special education classroom for half a year. Finally, I landed on another substitute teacher position in the K0/K1 special education classroom, where I have become a permanent teacher and remained in since. I am very grateful that I have met a whole lot of exceptional mentors and colleagues at the JQES!

As a student, my favorite subjects have always been mathematics and language. Believe it or not, I was actually VERY bad in math earlier on -- I still remember being so confused with fractions and percentages, my sister had to help explain my homework to me (while I was frustrated and in tears, no less) every single night. Something must have clicked later on, because I somehow became very intrigued by the relationships amongst numbers, and all the tricks we can do with them. I think something about the unchanged principles and indisputable facts in math gives me a sense of...stability and peace, something we can rely on being constant (haha, pun intended). Maybe that's also why I am quite in tune to music notes and the melodies of music -- they are practically another form of mathematical patterns, when you think about it!

Currently, my favorite pastime is taking care of my 18-month-old at home. Through him, I have grown and learned so much about being a parent, which in turn (hopefully) has made me a better teacher. Because of him, we took a series of baby signing class in hopes to facilitate communication in this pre-verbal stage of his, and now I can even use these basic signs to communicate with some of my students who are not coming in school ready to talk! As for myself, I spoke Cantonese growing up, and can understand and use Mandarin. I can read and write Chinese (a beautiful art form, if you asked me). I learned English in school, at first as a second language, but through years (decades!) of immersion (not only in the classroom, but also in the community and through lots of reading and writing exercises), I became quite fluent in it. I took a couple semesters of French and Japanese back in college; they are beautiful languages too. Though I have forgotten most of it by now, the process of learning them while making connections to what I already know was a wonderful experience in itself.

I love teaching, but I love learning more!