At our school students get many opportunities for music education. During our regular school hours we have music specialty, driven by the BPS music curriculum.  In addition the JQOP Orchestra program provides a musical experience in a before school setting.

Music specialist Patrice Monahan (Ms. M) teaches K-5 students at JQES. Her music classes create joyful opportunities for youth to have fun exploring, creating, singing, performing and playing instruments.  Ms. Monahan is also the General Music Director of the Mozart Orchestra (K-1st grade). Visit Ms. Monahan's Music Specialty website to find out what she teaches in each grade, find lyrics to the songs in our diversity show and see photos and upcoming events. 

The JQOP Music Program is run by Executive Director Christopher Schroeder.

Founded in 2011, Josiah Quincy School Orchestra Program (JQOP) is a creative youth development program that uses an intensive and unique ensemble-based music curriculum to help students develop the executive functions and social-emotional skills necessary to succeed at school and in life. The short-term goals of JQOP are to give every child an engaging and fun musical experience, performance opportunities to develop confidence and self-efficacy, high levels of musical proficiency, and a passion for learning that transcends all subjects. JQOP will serve students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade (adding a grade level each year) to ensure that the following long-term impact goals can become a reality for all students