In K2, children continue to develop readiness skills. 

Each day begins by having breakfast in the cafeteria. 

Depending on the day, we have centers or specialties (Mandaring, PE, Music, Enrichment).
In math, K2 children learn number and operations in Base Ten.  The focus is on making sense of our number system - understanding numbers and how to represent them, relationships among numbers and among operations, making reasonable estimates, and achieving computational fluency through "efficient and accurate methods that are supported by an understanding of numbers and operations."

In K2 the are many opportunities for physical activities.   P.E. class is offered half of the year as a specialty.  Learn more about P.E.  Recess is not always the break children expect, either, due to the time required by our younger children time to open their lunch bags, inspect their lunches, and then, finally, EAT their lunches!  To compensate, we build in many other activities during the week.  In addition to Jammin' Minutes, there are various games, songs & dances that we learn in our rooms and in other Specialty classes. Just visiting other areas of our big school, including marching up & down the stairs, offers our kids aerobic exercise, too!
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