Coach Nicole

Ni Hao, Hola and Hello from Playworks!  My name is Coach Nicole and I'm super pumped to have joined the Quincy School community! I am here all day every day to create safe, meaningful and inclusive play throughout the school day and after school.  I am out at every recess, I see each class for a "Class Game Time" every 3 weeks, I run an after-school program for 15 fourth- and fifth-graders, I facilitate a fifth-grade "Junior Coach" leadership program and I coordinate developmental sports leagues each season.

The Playworks core values are Respect, Inclusion, Healthy Community and Healthy Play.  We will incorporate them into recess and Class Game Times.  Ask your kids about what they are learning during Class Game Time and start playing them at home!  We like to use "rock, paper, scissors" to solve conflicts at recess.  It can be an equally productive conflict resolution tool at home, or just a fun game!

Thanks for the opportunity to play and learn with your children!

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