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Support Staff

The following faculty offer special classes which support the efforts of classroom teachers.
    Francisca Hom

Special Ed & Student Services Coordinator:
    Christopher Carron

School Psychologist:
    Eric Wong

Speech-Language Pathologists:
    Ella Owens
    King Yan Kwok
    Pallavi Shukla

Physical Therapy:
    Amy Carlson
    Kelly McDermott

Occupational Therapy:
    Susan Buki
    Laura Zwerdling

    Ashley Alvarez

    Mary Kelly
    Farah Faldonie
Special Education Resource Rooms:
Resource Room 1,  Grades K-2,
Reading Recovery:

Carol Moore
Elaine Corpuz
Resource Room 2, Grades 1-5:
Kristen Delmonte
       Molly Gillespie       

Math Facilitator:
        Siu Wan Luie
Literacy Facilitator:
Mathew Lydon

Arts Coordinator:
         Christopher Schroederer

Community Coordinator:
         Rowena Tuttle

Music Coordinator:
         Patrice Monahan

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