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Staff Committees

The hard-working staff at JQS contribute in many ways to the success of our school.  One important contribution behind the scenes are the administrative committees.  Every teacher is encouraged to join at least one of the following groups:

English Language Development (ELD):  The ELD committee will provide resources to address the needs of all English language learners in the JQS.  The committee will also share instructional strategies with the whole staff to align the curriculum to the Common Core.  For more information about ELD, read more.

Instructional Leadership Team (ILT):  The JQS Instructional Leadership Team's primary mission is to help lead the school's effort at supporting improvement of teaching and learning with an explicit goal of raising student achievement for all students and narrowing achievement gaps through the implementation of the Whole School Improvement Plan (WSIP) and through data analysis.  For more information about ILT, read more.

Literacy Collaborative Leadership Team: The Literacy Collaborative Leadership Team is a group that oversees the entire LC implementation.
 - Planning, maintaining, and monitoring of the LC implementation
- Make decisions about literacy instruction for grades K-2
- Communicating with stakeholders
- Maintain a usable bookroom that support LC
- Advocates for materials needed to successfully implement LC


Data Committee:  Identify and analyze the most appropriate and valuable data to support student growth at our school.
- Collaborate with the ILT to support student growth at our school
- Monitor the effectiveness of our assessments and data collection
- Analyze and present data with clarity
- Align effective interventions to areas of need
- Identify and track trends in our data

School Climate Committee (SCC): 
 The Climate Committee works towards establishing a positive whole school community by developing systems and strategies that promote the social and academic growth of our students.  For more information about the Climate Committee, read more.

Student Management Group (SMG):  The mission of the Josiah Quincy Elementary School Student Management Group is to optimize student support by working collaboratively with studetns, school staff, families and community partners.  SMG creates evidence=based, data-driven intervention plans for students who are below academic benchmarks and/or developmentally appropriate behavioral goals.  SMG examines data and consults with Grade Level Service Teams (GLSTs) to confirm that interventions match each student's strengths and needs and that progress monitoring strategies are continuous and effective.

Technology Committee:  Our mission is to enhance the JQS community’s exposure and access to technology to support academic endeavors through ongoing integration of technology into the curriculum, provision of resources and support, and community partnerships.  Technology will be used to foster more effective communication between our school, our parents, and the greater community. read more.

Arts & Events Committee:
The mission of the Arts & Events committee is to connect our school community by incorporating the arts into and coordinating performances, events, assembles,and other interdisciplinary activities which promote cultural awareness and diversity.