Ni Hao, Buon Giorno, Hello!

As an immigrant from Hong Kong, and having spent four years in Italy before coming to the United States,
 I speak, read and write fluently in Chinese, Italian, and English.  

My experiences of living in Italy and growing up in Hong Kong inspired me to learn about and appreciate other cultures.  During college, I took some courses in Spanish and after some effort became courageous enough to speak the language with great enthusiasm.  I continue in this effort to perfect my knowledge and language abilities. 

 I began my career as a Middle School bilingual teacher.  I next moved on to teach in an elementary school.  After some years there, I was fortunate enough to be appointed Principal of the Curtis Guild Elementary school in East Boston.  There I had the good fortune to serve both the Chinese and Hispanic populations.  It was an experience that I relished and which helped me expand my understanding of different cultures. 

As a parent. I have a daughter and a son, and they are attending the Boston Public Schools. 

Now, as Principal of the JQS, I feel privileged to be able to continue to serve the children of the Boston Public Schools.