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Hour of Code

CLEVER - BPS CREATED STUDENT ACCOUNTS FOR Code.org, Khan Academy, and more.

AutoDeskhands-on projects integrated with Tinkercad and Circuits, the Web’s most popular, easy-to-use online apps for makers.

HOUR OF CODE - iPad and Android apps:
Tynker (iOS, Android)                     Hopscotch (iOS)         Scratch Jr. (iOS, Android)                 Lightbot (iOS, Android)      Cargo Bot (iOS)                     Daisy the Dinosaur (iOS)
The Foos (iOS, Android)                      Run Marco! (iOS, Android)

Source: https://sites.google.com/a/bostonpublicschools.org/bpshourofcode2015/

Teaching Kids to Code - EdSurge Guide

Digital Learning Daydigital tools, lessons, and activities

BPS OIIT - K-5 Apps and digital resources that support hardware 
                        and software

JQS Library: Tumblebooks, Britannica, Kids InfoBits, SIRS 
                             Discoverer, Follett eBooks, and more! 

JQS Technology - school-based technology workshop slides, JQS 
                                          student Gmail accounts (and labels), useful links, etc.

JQS Library Media Lab: 22 workstations with headsets and microphones,                                                         and large TV screen.