Welcome new JQES Families!

Congratulations on your acceptance into JQES! Letters will go out in June for a Meet and Greet session to meet teachers in your grade level. You will find out your child's teacher in late August or early September. A Welcome Session will be planned for September to meet your child's homeroom teacher.

If you were recently accepted into JQES and have never seen the school, if you were accepted into JQES and are trying to decide if you would like to join our community, or if you are on the waitlist, please feel free to join us for a tour on Friday, April 10 at 10am. Please RSVP to Rowena Tuttle, the JQES Community Field Coordinator. You can reach her at RTuttle@bostonpublicschools.org.

Mission Statement 宗旨 :
We seek to provide a challenging academic program that gives all students the means to meet high standards and achieve their best, to foster sound habits of mind and action, and to instill in our students such virtues as integrity, respect, and self discipline. 積極提供嚴謹的學術課程,要求所有學生能朝著高水平的目標,努力進取,養成良好的學習態度及行為表現,發揚誠實,恭敬及自律的美德


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JQES ranks #3 among all public elementary schools and #6 among all 125 schools in Boston on MCAS performance!

Our F.I.R.E. Values

Artwork by Mr. Amara 2018