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In-School volunteer opportunities:

    Library Support:
    • Point person:  Heidi Boulogne, Librarian
    • What:  help librarian sort & reshelf books, create displays
    • Time Involved:  As little as 1 hour/month.  Ideally 1 hour/wk

    Music Committee:
    • Point person: Mr. Schroeder - JQS Orchestra
    • What:  help Music Manager with many projects/performances, donate music talent
    • Time Involved: 

    Art Committee:
    • Point person:  Ms. Wattles - Art Teacher
    • What:  Help the Art teacher
    • Time Involved:  1 hour wk – 1 hour at an event / art show

Coffee committee:  
    • Point person:   Darrell Smith parent council bostondnsdoc@gmail.com
    • What:  Help to set up coffee  on Friday mornings, & before events.  Good for people who like to dropoff early & grab their coffee at JQS with other parents!
    • Time Involved:  15 minutes/month - 1 hour/month

SPC Administrative Assistant Group:
    • Point person:  SPC Co-chairs
    • What:  Photocopying SPC notices & stuffing (putting) in teachers mailboxes for students to bring home in their backpacks
    • Time Involved:  10 minutes or up to 2 hour/ month
JQS school apparel sales: 
    • Point person:  Mr. Sacco, Mr. McCarthy
    • What:  Help to sell JQS sweats, t-shirts, cloth tote bags at events;  plan future items.
    • Time estimate:  1 hour/month
Health committee: 
    • Point person:   
    • What:  Help to promote healthy eating/living, esp fruit tastings each month
    • Time Involved:  1 time event = 2 – 3 hours + preparation of chosen fruit
Event planning: 
    • Point people:  SPC officers 
    • What:  Help to plan JQS events during holidays & other times:  School Open House, Ice-skating, Dance MCAS nights, Teacher Appreciation Day, Spring Reception, JQS performances, etc.
    • Time Involved:   Various, 2-3 hours once, or 2-3 hours/month

Outside school at home volunteer opportunities:

Translating support:        
    • Point person:  School Parent Council (SPC) josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com
    • Need Chinese, Spanish, Somali
    • What:   Translate SPC memos / school notices.  Can be done at home.
    • Time Involved:  ½ hour/month – 3+ hours/month 

Data entry:
    • Point person:  
    • What:  Help with data entry.  Can be done at home.
    • Time Involved:  10 minutes - 1 hour/ month

Technology Committee: 
    • Point person:  Andrea Blake parent andreajblake@gmail.com and Mr. Ng science teacher wng@bostonpublicschools.org
    • What:  Help with tech projects.  Some of it can be done at home.
    • Time Involved:  1 hour – many hours / month

Box Tops:
    • Point person:  Bonnie Donohue at josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com
    • What:  Count Box tops.  ALSO, help create ‘free recess’ awards.   Can be done at home.
    • Time Involved:  10 minutes or up to 2 hour/ month