Tech Goes Home!   你需要一台笔记本电脑吗?

Want to purchase a new chromebook for $50.00?  You can get one NOW! We will offer a Tech Goes Home (TGH) session at our school on Tuesdays 4:30 pm - 7:30pm, starting March 27th, 2018.  Read Chinese flyer here.

Click here to sign up for the FREE TGH computer training, or email us (, or send a paper note with your child.

Our TGH program offers JQS parents and students the ability to become members of the on-line community.  The training takes place at the Quincy school in both English and Chinese (we have two instructors). Participating students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and both must attend all 5 sessions. 

At the completion of training, families have the option of buying a brand new Chromebook for $50.

Ms. Andrea Blake:
Ms. Zhen Su: