SPC Meeting Minutes 1/13/2016

posted Feb 1, 2016, 8:19 PM by Andrea Blake

Presentation: Internet Safety for Children, Microsoft Center

Microsoft Center staff, Kristen McCullough (krmccull@microsoft.com), gave a presentation regarding internet safety.  See attached PDF documents for more details.  Highlights from the presentation include:

·         Every time you create an account online, your personal information is physically kept and stored by that company’s cloud.  Read their privacy policy before making the decision to join, and only give your information to companies you trust.

·         Check your privacy settings in Windows.  Consider enabling Do Not Track and Internet Explorer’s SmartScreen filter.

·         Malware, including viruses and spyware, can be avoided by staying cautious.  Don’t open email attachments from unknown sources and don’t click on advertisements offering PC protection.  Keep Windows and your antivirus software up-to-date.

·         If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.  Hover over links to check their actual destination. Check the site’s URL bar for proper spelling and security (https) before navigating further.


Upcoming JQES events

JQES students and parents are invited to an ice-skating party at the DCR Steriti Memorial Rink (North End) on Monday, January 18, 2016 (MLK, Jr. Day).  Please dress appropriately; children must wear a helmet.

Committee Sign-up

Parents were asked to sign up to volunteer for committees (Disco Dance, Teacher Appreciation, and Spring Fling).  Please e-mail the Parent Council if you are interested in signing up for one of the committees: josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com


Principal Soo Hoo: Instructional Focus Activity for Parents

Principal Soo Hoo explained that the school’s instructional focus plan is to develop, deliver, and assess opinion writing tasks that improve student evidence-based writing in all grade levels (K0-G5).  To help parents better understand JQES’ instructional focus plan, Principal Soo Hoo engaged parents in an opinion writing task by passing out a passage for parents to read.  Parents were then asked if they agreed or disagreed with the statement, and to provide three (3) reasons to support their opinion with evidence from the text.  See attached PDF document for more details.      


Other Topics

BPS Budget Cuts - Parents inquired about the recently announced budget cuts to BPS for school year 2016-2017.  Principal Soo Hoo responded that JQES will not be losing any teaching positions for the next school year, but the discretionary funding will be lower, and JQES will have to rely more on JQSA’s fundraising efforts for technology needs, etc.  For more information about the BPS budget and the Citywide Parent Council, please visit: http://www.citywideparentcouncil.org/organizing-toolkits/


The following are Twitter accounts that BPS parents may want to follow in order to stay abreast of budget and other district-wide issues.  Parents may want to consider signing up for a Twitter account - it's a great way to keep up with local information.

@cpc_Boston (Official Citywide Parent Council Account)

@wheresmyporsche (Co-Chair of the Citywide Parent Council)

@SuptChang (Superintendent Chang's Twitter Account)

@BostonSchools (BPS Official Twitter Account)

@marty_walsh (Mayor Marty Walsh's Account)

@titojackson (Boston City Councilor, Chair of Education Committee) 



Questions, comments, or suggested topics for upcoming Parent Council Meetings?  Please email us at:  josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com


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演讲: 微软电脑公司工作人员为学生和家长讲解儿童网络安全问题

微软电脑公司工作人员,Kristen McCullough,她的邮件是(krmccull@microsoft.com), 为学生和家长讲解儿童网络安全问题。你们可以点击PDF 文件夹可以查询更多的资料。重点叙述以下的内容:

·        每當你在網上開帳戶, 你的個人資料,實際上是保留及儲存在公司的雲端。在決定加入前,細讀隱私政策,你的個人資料只給可信賴的公司。

·        在視窗 Windows 查看隱私設定。考慮使用不要追蹤 Do Not Track 功能及 Internet Explorer’s SmartScreen 過濾器。

·        只要保持小心謹慎,惡意軟件 Malware, 包括病毒 viruses 及間諜軟件 spyware 是可以避開的。不要打開不知名的電郵附件,不要點擊提供個人電腦 PC 保護的廣告。更新視窗 Windows 及抗毒 antivirus 軟件。

·        如發現有不妥之處,就算是問題不大,在啟航前,檢查實際目的地的連接,查看網頁 地址欄 url bar 的網址 ( https ) 拼字是否正確或安全。



2016年一月十八日(马丁路德金日),学校邀请所有家长和学生参加溜冰活动。地点在(North End)的水族馆附近的溜冰场举行,时间是当天下午4点到6点,请家长帮自己小孩准备好溜冰头盔和设备。
















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