SPC Meeting Minutes 10-13-2016

posted Jan 8, 2017, 1:05 PM by Andrea Blake
SPC Meeting 
Introduction by Principle Soo Hoo

  • Brief info from all parents of who they are, their position
  • Shirley will also do the Chinese translation as needed.
    • Shirley, Sonal, Rekha(Christy missing) Marissa, Melissa, and Stig.
  • Some info about the School
    • Main Vision:  prepare all students to be contributing global citizens
      • Mandarin taught to all students 
      • Gain an appreciation for languages
      • Big on environmental sciences and how students can make our world a better place
        • 1st year Energy conservation: Unplug all devices before leaving building
          • Led to saving Enough energy for single household for the entire year
        • Last Year Recycling:  Cardboard trays in the cafeteria recycling milk cartons cut down trash pickup by 2 days
        • Water Conservation theme this year:  Water turned off for JQS this year
      • JQOP increased 20 Seats for youngest players and would like to emphasize arts, this year full time dance teacher hired.
      • Emphasis on Arts and teaching:  1 art teacher, Mandarin taught through songs.
      • Big Initiative International Baccalaureate Accreditation for JQS Elementary Going through an intensive application process starting this Spring and it will take 3-4 years to get accredited.  
        • Matches well with Schools vision:  Contributing Global Citizen
        • Autonomy of School curriculum, JQS Elem working hard to create teams to make sure their is a viable curriculum.  Principal Soo Hoo supports and advocates for the teachers if they set their own curriculum which may be different from the state set curriculum.
        • Trans disciplinary units so not learning any one subject Math vs science and being able to combine subjects in a practical worldly learning.
        •  International Baccalaureate Accreditation (IBO) if JQS gets this will be the first in the State from Kindergarten to HS.
      • Talked about the new Quincy Upper School buildout delays and timelines.
      • Open House Boston Build (please see attached image of poster for details)
      • SSC-School Site Council -currently 9:30 start time roll out of extended learning time  Union has a rollout plan with City—Supply time for teachers professional development and enrichment.  We were slated for this year but this year roll out was pushed back due to budgets
      • Next year by contract every Elementary School will be extended learning time.  We would do the start time 8:30am.  Due to buses and costs for buses we can’t go to 8:30am.  Principle Soo Hoo working on status for JQS start time.  Participating in the pilot program for the TAP 4 times a day might provide additional information about bus costs and how many kids actually take the bus. 
      • Orchestra start times also get affected due to early start next year.
      • SPC is about Family engagement and issues happening with Parents and School.
      • Universal Design—make sure there is Visual with the concepts for Math not just the mechanics behind math.
      • JQS Elementary is doing Coding Week led by Code.org
        • https://code.org/learn
        • Starting in Kindergarten do have a Computer Class 
        • May have Computer Science next year.  Typing Skills for the kids.  Every Child has Google accounts at school.
  • How do we want to do the meetings for the year for SPC?  Planning the communication email, phone and flyer
  • November 16th Meeting in the evening we need to let Helen Wong know to get the space and availability.  School Parent Council.
    • Secretary pre-records the call and Mr Wu does the Chinese translation.
  • Family engaging with the School cross culturally as well as the Chinese culture.
  • Find more creative ways of engaging families with the school, and each other.

One of the Secretary’s will work on the Agenda for Nov 16th: 6-8pm
Tentative Agenda  (Thanksgiving School Gathering) —concise and short yet festive meeting so make it relaxing and more of a networking event for parents.
  • Pot Luck for the Nov 16th Meeting
      • Goals for the School Year (International Baccalaurette, Extended Learning Time and School Start Time, Instructional Focus, Universal Design for Learning) 15-20 minutes
      • 15 minutes of Parent Networking/Concerns by Grades
      • 10 minutes for Q&A