SPC Audio Meeting 1-9-2017

posted Jan 12, 2017, 1:52 AM by Andrea Blake
Stig, Rekha and Sonal were on the Audio call at 4pm.  Marisa, Shirley and Christy could not make it.  Principal Soo Hoo joined 

  •  Motion to make Rekha President
  • All on the call agreed that we need to strengthen leadership in the SPC this year.
  • We need to plan out the remaining year’s events ahead of time to make sure we are well prepared. Suggest one meeting with parents every other month. 
  • Face-to-Face meetings tough since we are all busy.  We decided that audio meetings are good to ensure frequent communication.
  • Ice Skating flyer printed and distributed earlier today by Rekha and Stig.
  • SPC meeting tentative 1/25 to give us time to coordinate since next week is a short week.
    • Tentative Agenda 1/25
      • Stig to follow up with Olga to have her speak to students about Know your Rights campaign with the new incoming Trump Administration
      • To celebrate Chinese New Year, SPC will provide Chinese holiday food instead of pizza and invite parents to donate Chinese pot luck dishes too if they wish.
      • Bring sign up sheet for parents looking to volunteer
      • ELT - no update as yet but we will add this to the agenda on meeting flyer beforehand