School Parent Council Meeting, Jan 13, 2012

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School Announcements: Principal Ho

· Chinese New Year Celebration at the School is Jan. 27, at 10 am.
· Music Program will be expanded next year to allow 25 more students to participate
· Summer Music program will be a four week intensive program, 9-1

School staff and administrators are constantly working to improve academic outcomes of all students. MCAS scores are still high, but school is not making AYP Goals (Adequate Yearly Progress) in all areas. This is due in part that the school did so well when goals were first set, but also to the fact that not all students are excelling at equal rates.

Advanced Work Classes (AWC): 53 of 120 third graders tested into Advanced Work class. If your received a letter about this, be sure to respond to the next letter to apply for the AWC placement.

Presentation: Literacy Programs
Mary Hamilton – Literacy Coach
Quincy School has three literacy curricula
K2 – 5th grade – Reading Street
K1 – Opening the World of Learning (Owl)
ESL Classes – REACH
Also use Reading Recovery, an intensive 12 to 20 week program for students who need a more one-on-one level of support.

Reading Street Discussion
Reading Street is BPS mandated and is system-wide.
Ms. Hamilton views curriculum as a teaching tool, and believes that Quincy School teachers use it effectively based on student interests, skill level, and their own teaching experiences. BPS Leadership told schools to use Reading Street as they see fit, and using their professional judgment.

Teachers can substitute higher level books if they feel the books recommended are not challenging enough for their students. The School Librarian plays an important role in the school’s reading program recommending “Just Right Books” for students.

Using Data:
The Quincy School is a very data driven school, and always looking at assessments to determine who best support students. Reading fluency does not always translate into reading comprehension, which is very important to track. Data is also used to make sure that higher level readers continue to be challenged

Assessment scores are not included in report cards; parents can get this from teachers during Parent Teacher Conferences.

Art Committee Report by Sara Demeter, Co-Chair
Making great progress, still looking for local artists/parents and teachers to bring an art class to every student in the Quincy. Teachers in the upper grades will have the option of participating, as the logistics of MCAS need to be worked out. The Art Exhibit will be themed – Diversity through Arts. All parents interested in getting involved should contact Sara or Elizabeth McGarry.

School Site Council Report by Carol Carlson
Budget news: next year there will be both an Art and Music Teacher
Wellness Committee and SSC are still talking about a Wellness Policy for the School that is focused on the goal of keeping all children safe, and promoting healthy choices. Possible changes include changing birthday parties focus from food to non-food items.

Next School Site Council meeting: 1/20 at 7:30am.

SSC Tri-Chair Ray Chang has been invited to attend an upcoming School Parent Council meeting as part of our work to keep communication open between SPC and SSC.

JQSA Report by Rachel Garrity
Planning for annual fundraising event is underway, possible dates are May 4th or 11th. JQSA will be looking for helpers for the event.

Other Events and News
Movie Night – Flubber! Come out and meet other families and help us buy new seats for the school auditorium. $5 per family.

Parent Conversation Club is looking for people who want to practice Mandarin and Chinese together. School based language lessons to practice each other’s language and get to know each other. Contact Carol Carlson to find out more.

Art Cards - don't miss the deadline to orderi Art Cards; use your children's artwork for cards and notepaper. All money raised will support Art Day, and the cards and paper also make great gifts. Orders are due Monday, 2/6.

Coming Up Soon!
Teacher Appreciation Day - Join the conversation about planning a great Teacher Appreciation Day for our great Teachers.

Don’t forget your Box Tops, they help us raise hundreds of dollars every year. Count them out and label a baggie with the number of boxtops, and your child’s name and classroom number.

Next SPC meetings: Feb 3, Mar 2