School Parent Council Meeting, December 2, 2011

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Officers Present:
Lola and Sandy, Co-Treasurers
Samuel and Douglas, Co-Chairs
Joanne and Tammy, Co- Secretaries
[Approximately 25 parents in attendance.]
Next School Parent Council Meeting: January 13, 9:30 AM (Note: we moved the date to accommodate School Showcase on January 6th)

Welcome and Introductions

Library News
Heidi Boulogne, school librarian, spoke briefly about how to support JQS School Library

RIF - every Quincy student receives 3 books
First RIF Event is Friday, December 16
How Parents can help: sort books the day before and help during the event itself

Library Fundraising Raffle --will be in February-- last year it raised $5000
How parents can help: donate items for raffle and buy raffle tickets
April Book Sale - last year raised $500
This event is more focused on getting books in children's hands than raising money
How parents can help: donate gently used books, help sort donations, help staff the event
Library website:
Ms. Boulogne's website with links to literacy and other resources for kids
How to get to it: google “JQS Library Boston.”

Principal Ho Updates and News
Jamboree today is part of the work of the School Climate Committee - a community building committee lead by Ms. LoPresti. School Climate Committee developed a Whole School Plan for Good Behavior

School Site Council is working on a Healthy School Policy - grew out of teachers ongoing concerns about student health. There is a large number of students with severe allergies in the school, and Quincy staff want children to be safe - especially when on field trips or other off-site activities .

Also, want to work with parents to help make sure children are eating healthy lunches -- Parents will be important partners in this - and should remind their children to not share their food.

School Site Council Report
Ray Chen is the new Parent Chair of the Committee
As Principal Ho said, SSC is working on Healthy School Policy. This work is being led by the Gym and Health Teachers, the school nurse, parents and other teachers. Will be looking for additional parental input over time.

All parents are welcome to attend the School Site Council meetings, but must request to be on the agenda in order to speak at the meeting. Minutes from these minutes will be distributed.
SPC attendees requested that agendas be sent out early enough so they can decide if they want to attend, and also request that minutes from the meetings be shared.

School Site Council Meeting Time/Dates: 7:30 am, 3rd Friday of every month

Parent Discussion: Focus on academics/curriculum
In the past there have been opportunities for parents to learn more about the academic focus of the school - can we start those types fo discussions back up?
all based on your own schedule and availability!
Possible Topic - Reading Street - the new BPS Literacy curriculum. Is it working? How is it being implemented?
Idea: Can we use the Friday morning coffee hours to host parent-led discussions/presentations?

Music Director/Music Program
Ms. Briceno, Director of the JQS Music Program, spoke about the music program, which is in full swing. Music Committee is working on marketing and outreach, as well trying to secure donations - equipment, instruments and supplies of all kinds. The Music Program is based on the El Sistema, which started in Venezuela and focuses onusing music to support social and executive skill development.
How parents can get involved: volunteer to do instrument demonstrations, help get donations

Upcoming performances:
12/8 Faculty Show
12/16 JQS School Orchestra
12/20 Winter Show
Please come and enjoy the music and celebrate everyone's hard work!

JQSA (JQS Association) Update:
Planning its annual fundraising event - no date set yet. It will be a cocktail party with a silent auction. This is a major fundraising event, and there are many ways parents can be involved, from getting donations to selling tickets. More details will be shared in the coming months.

Other events:
Ice Skating Party – Monday, January 16th, Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. The Steriti rink is in the North End, easily reachable by the Orange and Green lines (North Station stop) Free for families - the only cost will be renting skates. All family members welcome! Watch for flyers, phone calls, emails regarding time and location.
JQS Movie Night - December 17th, Polar Express
All proceeds go towards purchasing new auditorium seats!

Please Join Us!
We'd love to see you here and there are many ways to be involved,
A list of all the committees went home in student backpacks the week of Thanksgiving. This list has contact names a brief description of the activities of each group. Volunteering at the school is a wonderful way to meet other parents, teachers and the staff. If you need another copy of this list please contact a member of the parent council and we can email it to you, there will also be extra copies in the school office.