SPC Meeting Minutes 5/16/2014

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  Josiah Quincy Parent Council Meeting Minutes May 16, 2014 昆士小學家長委員會會議記錄 五月十六日,2014
1.    The Playground Committee has raised ~ $3,500 towards playground improvements. Two of the playgrounds have been completed. The third one is process and requires further fundraising to complete.
2.    Dunk Tank Day is Friday May 30th from 10:00am-3:00 pm. Every class will get a chance to take their aim and dunk a teacher. The cost will be $1 per throw per student, $3 for adults. Funds raised will go to support the completion of the playground.
3.    Spring Fling is Thursday May 29th from 5:30-7:30pm. There will be a science fair, art show, scholastic book fair, the rock band will be playing, and Mr. McCarthy will be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers on the balcony. Teachers will be attending so this is a great opportunity to mingle with your child's teachers.
·      Book Fair: students will have time to preview the books during school on May 29th and May 30th and they will be able to buy books during school on the week of June 2nd-6th.
·      Art Fair: The art teachers have been working with the children to mount their art work which will be for sale for $5 each. You will only be able to buy your own child's work.
   Ms. Wattles is going to need a lot of help hanging the art all day on the 29th and they   need a few folks to man tables by the entrance. If you are able to volunteer contact the SPC at: josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com
   Spring Fling: 529日,星期四,下午5:30-7:30. 這是一個科學展覽會,藝術晚會,學術書展,現場搖滾樂隊表演等等。Mr.McCarthy将烧烤热狗和汉堡包,教师们将会参与,所以这是一个与你孩子的教师交流的好机会。
·         書展:學生可以在529日和530日預覽書籍,他們能夠在62日至6日這一周,在學校期間購買喜歡的書籍
·         藝術展覽會:美術老師一直在與孩子們製作他們的藝術作品,將每個5元出售。你只能夠買你自己的孩子的作品。Ms. Wattles很需要大家的幫助在29日全天掛藝術作品,和他們還需要一些人在入口旁幫忙。如果你能夠當志願者聯繫家長委員會,
4.    OrchestraThursday June 10th is the Orchestra's final performance of the year. And everyone needs to renew their orchestra application for fall by Friday May 30th. Continue to check JQOP.org for event dates and orchestra information.
5.    5th Grade Graduation Volunteers needed. Please contact Barb Peterlin needs some 4th grade parents to help with 5th grade graduation party. She doesn't have the graduation date yet, but if you are interested in helping, please email contact Barb
   五年級畢業禮需要志願者。請聯繫Barb Peterlin,需要一些四年级的家长帮助五年级毕业晚会。毕业时间她未定,但如果你有兴趣帮忙,请电邮联系Barb
6.    Rooftop party is Friday June 6th. This will be a full POTLUCK event. WE WILL ONLY BE PROVIDING DRINKS. If you bring food admittance is free, it will be $5 each family without food. So bring your favorite dish, or pick up a pizza to bring on the way.
7.    Talent Show- June 12th. Further information will be coming soon
8.    JQS Social Media. Please follow us at: josiahquincyschool. We started an Instagram account for the school, Instagram is a free photo sharing app. We also just took down the old JQS Facebook page so we can fully update it and connect it to the Instagram account. We will not be posting pictures of kids. We wanted to get JQS active on social media for 2 reasons- It's a big school. Anything that can encourage a sense of community and school pride is a good thing. We also wanted to show new and potential parents all the wonderful happenings going on in the school every day. The second reason is, we received a lot of donations this year, food and otherwise. We have a lot of community partners. If we can recognize those donors in the social media sphere, where it could potentially prove beneficial to them (the donor) and we can maintain a relationship and encourage them to donate again. We spoke with Principal Ho about doing some kind of social media contest with the teachers next year- whoever sends in the most pictures receives a gift card to go toward classroom supplies. We'd like to do a "Teacher Tuesday" where we photograph a different teacher each week and hopefully include a fun bit of information about them that we did not know.
JQS昆士小學社交媒體。請關注我們: josiahquincyschool 。我們為學校在Instagram上開了帳戶, Instagram是一個免費照片共享應用程序。我們已把舊的JQS Facebook頁面暫停,這樣我們可以進行更新並把它連接到Instagram的帳戶。我們不會張貼孩子的照片。我們希望讓JQS活躍的體現在社交媒體中是因為:一,這是一所大的學校。我們需要促進社區和學校的驕傲感,也想向新的和潛在的家長展示學校每天的精彩生活。二,今年我們收到了很多捐贈,還有很多社區合作夥伴。如果我們能夠在社交媒體上列出捐助者,可能有助於捐助者和我們保持關係,並鼓勵他們再次捐贈。我們和何校長初步計劃明年可以和老師組織一個社交媒體比賽。誰發的圖片最多,就獎勵一張禮品卡,可用來買教室用品。我們希望舉行教師星期二的活動,每個星期我們拍攝不同的老師,希望能展示一些他們我們還不知道的有趣信息。
9.    Psychologist Eric Wong provided an update on the Universal Screening Program that began this year. The program focuses on creating a system to be able identify and support Social/Emotional development for the entire school. JQS is leading the BPS field in implementing this program. Principal Ho will be presenting at the Social Emotional Workshop May 29th from 3-6 pm at the Boston Public Library.  
   心理學家Eric Wong更新了今年開始的Universal Screening Program的情況。該計劃的重點是為整個學校建立一個系統,能夠識別和支持Social/Emotional發展。 JQS昆士小學是率先在波士頓公立學校中實施這個方案的。何校長將於529日下午3:00-6:00在波士頓公共圖書館的Social Emotional研討會中作報告。