SPC Meeting Minutes 01/17 /2014

posted Jan 30, 2014, 10:35 AM by JQS - Boston   [ updated Mar 26, 2014, 6:29 PM ]


Need small group of parents to start diversity through arts again, raise money for arts program.



Volunteers needed to re-decorate Parent Council bulletin board. Lighting will be added.



BOKS (physical education program held before school) starts again, Feb 10 and runs till April 16th. Email jqsparentcouncil@gmail.com to sign up with Ms. Yee

BOKS(课前体育活动)210日将重新开始,并持续到416日。发送电子邮件到jqsparentcouncil@gmail.com Yee 老师报名。


ASEP (sports and scholars and MFA arts program) is going to start again, this time it will not be a lottery but first come first serve. Sign up will be at 11am-2pm on February 8th,Saturday at JQS auditorium.



Tech committee is looking for parent volunteers. Parents who have connections to tech companies that will be willing to work with JQS. February is Technology month. 

Dept. of Ed. is changing format of testing- in upcoming years testing will be done on-line (PARCC). We only have 50 computers for 350 students that will need to take test. Next year two 3rd grade classrooms will be taking on-line test (trial). 25 of school computers are mobil, 25 are stationary. Looking for ChromeBooks to increase number of mobile computers.


教育部门正在改变考试形式,将在未来几年转为在线完成考试(PARCC)。将有350名学生参加考试,但我们只有50台电脑。明年两个三年级的班级将参加在线考试(试验性的)。学校现有25台移动电脑,25台台式机。需要募集 ChromeBook 来增加移动电脑的数目。


Box Tops money may potentially be used for- buying a mobile security cart for ipads and chrome books, basketball hoop for indoor recess, playground poster competition.

Box Tops的钱可能会被用来-----购买 iPad ChromeBook,室内活动用篮球架,操场海报比赛开销。


Chinese new years celebration: Feb 6

Raffle- Proceeds will go to media lab in the library. We need donations: gift certificates to restaurants, nail salons, sports tickets. Look for your kids to be selling tickets. Give all donations to Heidi Boulogne, librarian.



抽奖活动的收入将用于图书馆的媒体实验室。我们需要捐款。也需要您的小孩参与售卖餐厅礼券,美甲沙龙卷和体育比赛门票。图书管理员 Heidi Boulogne 负责接收所有捐款。



Splash- April 4th, 6:30 at China Pearl. The JQSA needs to raise 60,000 every year to maintain pool and provide field trips. Next JQSA meeting is Thursday Feb 13, 9:30 after drop off in conference room in the office, anyone is welcome to come. They need 10 items to auction- what works well: Neighborhood dinners, teacher events, sporting events. Any grants that parents are aware of that the JQSA should be seeking, let them know- jqsassociation@gmail.com


Splash --定于446:30在中国龙凤酒楼。JQSA每年需筹集60,000美金用于保养游泳池和学生实地考察的费用。下一次JQSA会议定于213日周四上午9:30在办公区会议室召开,欢迎所有人参加。他们需要10样物品用于拍卖 - 任何适合拍卖的都可以,比如邻里晚餐会,教师活动,体育赛事等等。如果家长知道任何JQSA可以寻求的资金来源,麻烦发给 jqsassociation@ gmail.com



Please go to orchestra website: www.jqsop.org, for updates and upcoming performance dates and times, the site is updated regularly. There are still spots open for chinese dance (1st grade-5th) and mandarin mornings.


请访问乐团网站 www.jqsop.org 来获得更新信息和演出的日期时间安排。该网站会定期更新。目前中国舞(1-5年级)和早上的普通话班仍可报名。


CAMPS: Presentation of a list of over 30 camps, most have financial aid if requested. List will be posted on the google groups or you can email: jqsparentcouncil@gmail.com for the list.

夏令营:介绍了30多个夏令营。如果需要,大多数可申请经济补助。夏令营清单将公布在谷歌群,也可以发送电子邮件至 jqsparentcouncil@gmail.com 索要清单。



Budget- It's the beginning of the budget process, he presented budget to Site Council. JQS has no budget cuts this year because student enrollment remains high. The District is making changes in how to provide services to special education classrooms- they have a 3 year plan for full kindergarten inclusion. Next year there will be 2 inclusion classrooms-1SEI K2 inclusion, 1 english language K2 inclusion.


财政预算--何校长向基层委员会介绍了初步财政预算。因为今年的入学人数仍然很高,昆士小学并没有削减预算。学校所处地区正在改变为特殊教育的学生提供服务的方式------他们计划3年内合并幼儿园的普通班和特殊教育班。明年将有2个合并班 ----1SEI 进阶英语K2班,1个英语K2班。


Playground/school grounds- repairing of bricks in entry is in process, they are looking for the right tree to install. The district is replacing pavers for all playgrounds, except the 2 for Kindergarteners, replacement will begin in April. Need to organize fundraisers to replace Kindergarten pavers as well, cost is $20,000,we are open to suggestions. We are going to ask Kindergarteners to collect pennies, older kids collect silver coins.

Principal Ho would like to have mosaics, made by graduating students placed around school grounds. Mr.Cristos will continue to work with students to create these mosaics.


何校长想在学校周围的地面布置即将毕业的学生做的马赛克。Cristos 先生将继续指导学生们制作这些马赛克。



JQS has an on-line library! Go to: http://www.jqselementary.org/activities and click on the library link. Resources available: Encyclopedia- catered specifically to all levels, with a search bar to enter any research item. It's Printer friendly and has a translate option. Tumblebooks- ebooks, great for ESL or kids that are having trouble reading. First in math- math for 1st grade up. Tumblebook Cloud Jr., for older kids/ advanced readers. Fiction and non-fiction, all levels, compatible to ipad and iphone. The password is: boston boston but its on the site if you forget.


昆士小学有一个在线图书馆!可在 http://www.jqselementary.org/activities 单击 library 链接访问。可用资源有:百科全书--针对各种水平定置,可在搜索栏输入任何研究项目来搜索。易于打印,还有翻译功能。 Tumblebooks - 电子书,非常适合ESL或阅读有困难的孩子。First in math--数学练习,适合一年级以上的学生。Tumblebook Cloud Jr,适合年龄较大的孩子/资深读者。小说和非小说,各种等级,iPad iPhone 兼容。(下面的内容需要确认,译者测试失败。)密码是:boston boston,如果你忘了密码,在网站上可查到。