SPC Meeting Minutes 11/19/2013

posted Dec 11, 2013, 8:44 PM by JQS - Boston   [ updated Mar 26, 2014, 6:30 PM ]

City council meeting to discuss new JQUS project will be held at City Hall tomorrow, Wednesday Nov 20,12pm at Iannella Chamber. We are not permitted to speak but want to make a strong statement by having many JQS parents attend. (Contact Principal Ho for summary of events for update in the minutes.)

The last of a series of 4 Parent University events will be held this Thursday,November 21 from 6pm-8pm in the JQS Library. The topic is: Families and Schools as Partners. These events have been fantastic and the presenter Pam Bailey has given lots of practical parenting tips and ideas. Additional classes are available at other schools if you wish to continue attending (10 classes earns you 1 college credit.) at www.bps.org

The first fruit tasting of the year will be at breakfast on Friday, November 22, morning. It will be cranberry compote on low-fat vanilla yogurt. So encourage your kids to eat the school breakfast (and try the cranberries) on Friday.

4) Stereti Rink is booked for Ice Skating Party on January 20th, Free Skate is from 1:30-3:30pm, Private JQS skate party is 4:00-6:00 pm. NOTE TIME CHANGE

5) We are doing a little experimenting with the best meeting format for the SPC. It was suggested that we conduct our meetings in both English and Mandarin. I know the SPC has tried a variety of meeting styles over the years. We are hoping to offer a morning and an evening meeting by alternating monthly so working families can attend this year.

6) Lastly, if you have any questions or would like to contact a Council Member, please use our Student Parent Council email which will go to all the officers. We have a very collaborative group of officers this year and want to make sure everyone receives your questions. josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com

Presentation by Mr. Fred Bennett
(The Program Coordinator for Adult Education at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center)
BCNC offers FREE English class for immigrant parents and other caregivers of children in K-12. It is a fantastic program for non English speakers to help them better navigate the BPS system and support their child. Flyers with additional information are available in the JQS office and in the BCNC. There are numerous classes available through the BCNC.net help is available in mandarin or English.


1) 讨论新的昆士中学项目的市政会会议将明天在Lannella会议厅举行,十一月二十日,星期三,中午十二点。虽然我们没有发言权,但是有越多的昆士小学家长参加,越能强烈表达声明。

2) 四次家长大学课程最后一次将在这星期四,十月二十一日,晚上6-8点在学校图书馆举行。题目是: 家庭与学校作为合作伙伴。主持人给了很多实用的育儿技巧和想法。有更多课程在其他学校举办,如果你想继续就读请查询:www.bps.com (10次课程賺1大學學分)

3) 今年第一次水果试食将在十一月二十二日早餐时间进行。这次试食蔓越莓拌低脂香草乳酪。鼓励你的孩子在学校吃早餐(以及尝试小红莓在星期五)

4) Stereti Rink 预定了溜冰派对在一月二十日举行,自由溜冰时间:下午1:30-3:30 昆士小学溜冰派对时间下午4:00-6:00 (注意时间调动)

5) 多年来家长会已尝试过各种各样的会议形式。我们为最佳的家长会会议形式进行试验。有建议让我们用英语和普通话举办会议。我们希望通过每月交替提供一次早上和一次晚上,工作的家长能出席今年的家长会。

6) 最后,如果你有问题或想联络家长会成员,请用学生家长会电邮,邮件将会发送到全部成员。今年我们是非常合作的团队, 并确保每一位能收到你的问题。josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com

Mr. Fred Bennett 介绍免费英语课程
波士顿华埠 社区中心为K-12全部年级学生的移民父母和照顾者提供免费英语课程。这课程能帮助非讲英语者更了解波士顿公立学校系统,和帮助他们的孩子。有关资料传单可以在昆士小学办公室和波士顿华埠社区中心索取。波士顿华埠 社区中心还有很多不同课程。BCNC.net 有中英文服务。