SPC Meeting Minutes 12/20/2013

posted Jan 13, 2014, 3:12 PM by JQS - Boston   [ updated Mar 26, 2014, 6:30 PM ]

  Target has an opportunity for parents to raise money for their school. The funds raised go directly to the school for 
classroom and art supplies. Sign up for any Target Red Card and 1% of your purchase goes directly to the Quincy 
school. Sign up online or in person for a Red, credit or debit card - debit card funds come directly from your bank 
account with no fees. Be sure to enter the Quincy Elementary School (ID # 58843) as the school you support.

  Target提供了一个让家长为他们孩子的学校筹款的机会。筹集到的资金将直接作学校教室和美术用品用途。当你申
请注册任何Target 红卡(Target Red Card),你的1%的购物额将直接捐到昆士小学。你可以在网上申请或亲身到
Target店里申请信用卡Credit card或借记卡Debit card。借记卡的消费额直接从你银行户口转帐,银行不收手续费。
记住输入昆士小学作为你支持的学校 (Quincy Elementary School (ID # 58843)

  The Fruit Tasting Committee is looking for one more parent to help organize a fruit tasting in May. All the expenses 
are covered. Please contact josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com for more info. 

  水果品尝委员会正在寻找一个家长,帮助组织五月份水果品尝活动。所有的费用都能报销。详细信息请联系

  We will begin conducting our meetings in English and Mandarin. If you have any questions or would like to contact a 
Council Member, please use our Student Parent Council email which will go to all the officers,

  我们将开始用英语和普通话同步开家长会。如果您有任何疑问或想联系委员会成员,请使用我们的学生家长会的电

  Marlee McDonald, the Program Director for the Josiah Quincy Orchestra outlined a number of extracurricular 
programs . See: www.jqsop.org for details. Openings for both girls and boys in the After School Chinese dance class 
and Mandarin chorus

  昆士乐团项目总监Marlee McDonald概述了多项课外活动。详情请参阅:www.jqsop.org。欢迎女孩和男孩参加

  Principal Ho reviewed the budgeting process. Budgets are based on student number and final approval for 2014/15 
is in progress. Principal Ho indicated that strong student enrollment at JQS will be reflected in a favorable budget for 
the coming year. 

  何校长审阅了预算过程。预算是根据学生人数,2014/15年度最终的预算批准正在进行中。何校长表示,JQS昆士小