SPC Meeting Minutes 02/07/2014

posted Feb 22, 2014, 5:18 PM by JQS - Boston   [ updated Mar 26, 2014, 6:16 PM ]



1. The first session of BCNC’s After School Enrichment Program ends the week of February 10th before February vacation.  The second session is scheduled to begin the Monday after February vacation on February 24th.

There will be a ONE-DAY REGISTRATION ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8.  It will be from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm in the JQS auditorium. 
 Enrollment will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.  Any remaining spaces after this registration day will be filled the following week until February 12th.
 If you are unable to attend yourself on this day, there is an option to have a friend or family member come in your place to enroll your child.
 Any questions can be directed to Jennifer Szeto at 617-635-5129, ext. 1060
华埠社区中心BCNC的课后丰富课程第一阶段将在210日结束。第二阶段将于224日开始。28日,周六,上午11:00 - 下午2:00JQS礼堂登记注册。



 如有任何疑问,可电话联系Jennifer Szeto,电话:617-635-5129,分机--1060


2. We need your help! Target has an opportunity for parents to help raise money for their school.. Sign up for any Target Red Card and 1% of your purchase goes directly to the Quincy school. Be sure to enter the Quincy Elementary School (ID # 58843) as the school you support! 

2. 我们需要你的帮助!Target 提供了一个让家长为他们孩子的学校筹款的机会。当你申请注册任何Target 红卡(Target Red Card),你的1%的购物额将直接捐到昆士小学。记住输入昆士小学作为你支持的学校 Quincy Elementary School (ID # 58843)


3. Big Apple Circus (Date TBD) As a new JQS parent, I did not realize this event was every other year. We listed it on the agenda but JQS will not attend the Big Apple Circus this year but we will attend next year.  My apologies for any confusion we caused you. 

3. 大苹果马戏团(日期待定)作为一个新的JQS父母,我不知道这个活动是每隔一年开展。我们把它列在了议事日程上,但今年JQS将不会去大苹果马戏团,我们将明年组织。我们为给您造成困惑表示道歉。


4.Technology committee update:  Box Tops money may potentially be used for- buying a mobile security cart for ipads and chrome books, basketball hoop for indoor recess, playground poster competition.

4. Box Tops的钱可能会被用来-----购买 iPad ChromeBook,室内活动用篮球架,操场海报比赛开销。


5.Principal Ho update: Mayor had a surprise visit at 1:00pm on Feb.6 (Thursday) at JQS.He met Superintendent search committee then met parents and students in the school library.
5. 何校长更新信息:市长在26日(星期四)下午1时突访昆士小学JQS,会见了校督搜查委员会再到学校图书馆与家长和学生会面。


6.  JQOP Updates:

v  Ms. McDonald,JQOP director, just got a new grant $30,.000.


1)       Saturday, Feb 8th- 3-5pm--  Trip with the Sibelius Orchestra families and students to the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra rehearsal

28日,周六,下午3 - 5 - 和参加Sibelius乐团的家庭和学生一起到波士顿爱乐青       年管弦乐团排练

2)       Wednesday, Feb 12th---12noon-1pm—Performance at Tufts Medical Center Lunar New Year Celebration—JQOP Sibelius Orchestra, Mandarin Mornings program, Chinese Dance

212日,周三中午12--1 ---塔夫茨医学中心的农历新年庆祝活动表演- - JQOP Sibelius乐团,国语早晨兴趣班,中国舞蹈的同学参加。

3)       Wednesday, Feb 26th—1130am-2pm—JQES and JQOP trip to Children’s concert at Symphony Hall

226日,周三,上午1130 - 下午2点, JQESJQOP前往交响乐大厅参加儿童音乐会

4)       Saturday, March 1st—JQOP Harvard Performance

31日,周六--- JQOP哈佛参加表演


7.  Playground Committee, Erin, SPC co-chair updated on planned fundraisers and goal to raise $10,000家长会主席Erin更新为修建游乐场募捐活动,目标为1万美元。

8. JQS Fundraiser & Splash Update, Glyn/LynnSplash- April 4th, 6:30 at China Pearl. The JQSA needs to raise 60,000 every year to maintain pool and provide field trips. 昆士小学筹款协会更新: Splash --定于446:30在中国龙凤酒楼。JQSA每年需筹集60,000美金用于保养游泳池和学生实地考察的费用。

9.Quincy Upper Shcool update

Principal Richard Chang and Stephen Cirasuolo shared a lot information about  JQUP with us , especially  their  IB  program.  昆士中学两位校长和我们分享了很多信息,尤其是他们的IB课程。

JQ Upper School Orientation for 4th & 5th grade parents and students are coming.(DateTBD 四,五年级的家长和学生到昆士中学的迎新会即将开展。(日期待定)

10. This year the Parent Council Officers are mostly new to JQS. Since we have not attended these events previously or really know much about them. We would love to hear from parents that have been here about what makes these events fun and suggestions for improvements. 

10. 今年的家长会人员大多是新来JQS。因为我们之前还没有参加这些活动,真的不了解他们。我们很想听听已经在JQS的父母的建议,怎样才能使这些活动更有乐趣。

·         Disco Dance (April 11th) We were glad to hear that former officers,Mary Rubin and Pam can help us to organize this event, and the current officers try to help them. 迪斯科舞会(411日)我们很高兴地听到,以前的家长会成员Mary Rubin Pam可以帮助我们组织这次活动,而目前的家长会成员设法帮助他们。

·         MCAS weeks (March 18-31) Must be 3rd ,4th and 5th grade parents 麻州综合评估考试周(318--31日)三,四,五年级家长需注意

·         Teacher Appreciation Brunch (May 9th) Looking for donors and people to help set-up food, gifts, etc. 谢师早午餐(五月九日)我们需要捐助者和人来帮助准备食品,礼品等。

No Speaker this month but we would love to hear from you, are there topics you would be interested in hearing about at our monthly meetings? 

If you have any questions or need to contact a Council Member, you can contact us through our the Student Parent Council email, which will go to all the officers and be answered as time in our schedules allows. josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com. We would prefer that if you have our personal emails that you not use these anymore to communicate with council members.

这个月没有演讲,但我们很乐意听取您的意见,在我们每月的会议上,你想听关于什么的话题呢? 如果您有任何问题或需要联系家长会成员,您可以联系我们通过我们家长会的电子邮件,所有成员都会收到,时间允许下都会回答,邮件地址josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com。我们希望,如果你有我们个人的电子邮件,可以不用上面这个邮件,个别联系。