11/15/18 SPC Meeting Minutes

posted Nov 19, 2018, 10:50 AM by Rowena Tuttle

School Parent Council (SPC) Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2018, 6-8pm


6:00pm - 6:30pm  Come share a dish and mingle with other JQES parents/families!

6:30pm  Parents may bring their children to the gym for gross motor time with Mr. Levett!!!

 Arts and crafts will also be available.

6:45pm - 8pm  Parents, please join us in the Auditorium for a parent icebreaker activity & meeting.

• Principal Soo Hoo will share school updates and discuss how the school’s Title I funds are being allocated.

• The School Parent Council, Citywide Council, and Josiah Quincy School Association will share updates.

• Learn what school events are coming up and how you can become involved.

• Ask questions and come discuss school issues with other parents/families.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for the Parent Council, please email us:



Asbestos at JQES

School Vision / MCAS Outcomes

School Showcase

Title 1 Funds

Updates from: Parent Council, JQSA, JQOP, City-Wide Parent Council

Asbestos at JQES

From Principal Soo Hoo: Asbestos notice was sent home, there was a water leak that required immediate attention due to known asbestos in walls. It was abated. BPS Facilities is on top of this.


Parent: Did they give you a plan of action?

Principal- In January (6 months) they will come back to reassess.

Other parent- When was the last assessment?

Principal Soo Hoo- 3 years ago

Health teacher- If its not touched, its ok, when it is disturbed it needs to be professionally managed.

Parent- What can disturb it?

Principal Soo Hoo- Construction. But this time it happened because of a leak.

Parent- Did they look at the other spots where there were leaks?

Is there a plan to get a new roof for the building? YES

Principal Soo Hoo: Facilities department is handling this- The water coming from the roof caused a leak. Assessors have looked at the roof. They came when it was raining to see where the leaks are.

Parent: Would the district pay for the roof?

Principal Soo Hoo- YES.

School Vision / MCAS Outcomes

Principal Soo Hoo: School’s vision- contributing global citizens. Value the whole child. We are following the state standards. Here at the Quincy we look at each individual. UDL, Choices in how they have learned material. Response to instruction. Monitoring students. Add up to the sum of 10. Figuring out ways they can incorporate ways to access the materials.

Social Emotional Learning- Positive Behavior Intervention System. Dragon scales are almost filled. Jamboree will be next week to celebrate. What it looks like to be safe and respectful in all different areas of the school. Ensure they have great social skills. All comes under the umbrella of IB.

MCAS Accountability- How does it work? Our accountability states that we are now at a Tier III

Let’s just say we were at 65% Next year you should be able to make it up to 69%

JQES was at 70s and 80s. Math 500.2 to 500.1 so we got zero credit

If we stayed the same we would have gotten 25 points

If we had Increased we would have gotten 75 points

If we had Met target we would have gotten 100 points

These scores are used for a school quality framework. Tier 1 school, Now Tier 3 school- This data was made public on Saturday, 11/17 (right before Citywide Showcase), and information about Tier status was made available to administration on Thursday, 11/15.

They look at our school’s MCAS grades 3,4,5 from last year to this year. They want to see more students meeting targets set by the state. Students who score in different levels are put into smaller cohorts that are followed year to year to track progress. Compared against each other. How much will you improve each year? Did you meet the targets yes or no? It is questionable whether all high performing schools will reach a point where they fluctuate less given the high level of achievement.

MCAS Alt scores improved dramatically.

Nothing has changed with school survey. 5 areas

Student Performance account for 75% of Tier grading system

This is a Huge Hit for the school. Dramatic Change, Principal will meet with Data and Accountability team to see how could 1 year could change the tier so much.

Can possibly be a hit in funding.

Interventionist in younger grades.

Tier Levels are an indicator of how well a school is doing, however, our school dropping to a Tier 3 does not accurately reflect that we rank 6 of 126 schools in terms of MCAS Proficiency. Prospective families use Tier levels as part of the School Choice process and may be less likely to be interested in our school because it is now Tier 3.

In the past, the school has dropped down and come back up again. It has never dropped two tier levels, but has gone up and down one tier level before.

This is just 3,4,5th grades.

Use Access Scores- 100% meeting targets.

Only difference was in MCAS.

School Showcase is on Saturday the 17th. At City Hall and featured all 126 BPS elementary and highschools. Principal Soo Hoo, Rowena Tuttle, and Bonnie Donohue represented the school and met with Prospective families to talk about our school. Christopher Schroeder of JQOP also joined.

Title 1 Funds- Inform parents about Title 1 funding. Schools 40% students are disadvantaged. Helps to build equity.

JQES Prioritizes:

  • 1st and 2nd grade smaller class sizes. Full time para in all K2 classrooms; BPS only requires half time paras for this grade level.

  • Literacy support staff to do literacy intervention.

  • 1% of funds for family engagement. When the school has end of the year This Is Us event, engaged families.

  • Working with ILT to make sure UDL- access the best way they learn best. Constantly looking at meeting objectives. Small groups to receive and gain skills and knowledge. Social Emotional Learning.

STIG- Update from Parent Council:

We have MLK day ice skating party in the North End. Free Skates for everyone. No limits to turn up. Can anyone bring crates? Mid-January, the 21st.

Webster- JQSA Fundraiser Supplement the lives of the students at the school

Field trips, Supplementing salaries to invest in the students here.

Best known for the gala. Climax of all of the work. Funds to support the kids. Last year we raised 100k for students. Parent volunteers. May 16, Empire Garden. Great way to raise money for the school. Webster and Rhonda co-chair JQSA. Need donations, charitable auctions. Minimum hit the goal again to hit the 100k mark. No contribution is too small or big.

Ann Sousa- Parent City-Wide Council Update: Upcoming BuildBPS meetings scheduled at Quincy. Need more representation from other schools. Out of over 130 schools only 12 representatives were at last meeting. It has the ability to move agendas in the city but there needs to be more representation.