SPC Meeting Minutes

2/8/18 Meeting Minutes

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Thursday 2-8- 2018 Agenda:
6:00 PM - 6:45 PM - Family Feast Time at the JQES Cafeteria 6:45 PM - Child Care Starts in the Auditorium
6:45 PM - 8:00 PM –- School Updates
* Principal Soo Hoo: Updates for the School and Focus for the remaining school year
* Upcoming JQES events: Disco Dance, Teacher Appreciation, “This is US” (end of year JQES
community event) & 171st Anniversary Celebration
* Committee Sign-up for upcoming events
* Box Top Program and Amazon Smile
* Online Safety topics for March 28 Presentation by Microsoft
* Traditional Lion Dance!
Sonal announced updates for school (See attachment from Principal Cynthia Soo Hoo)
 Student Connects program cut back caused a lot of concern during the meeting. We will have 3
dates to voice their concerns regarding the cutting of the program.
 Budget Hearing Meetings:
 Tuesday, March 6
   6 p.m. – FY19 Budget Hearing 
   English High School - 144 McBride Street, Jamaica Plain
 Wednesday, March 14
   5 p.m. – FY19 Budget Hearing
   6 p.m. – School Committee meeting
   2300 Washington Street, Roxbury - 2nd Floor
 Wednesday, March 28
   6 p.m. – Regular Meeting and FY19 Budget vote
   2300 Washington St, Roxbury - 2nd Floor
If parents want to help, they can testify at one of these meetings regarding positive impact of City Connects or regarding
the Opportunity Index. I attended and testified at the hearing last night. 
Stig talked about upcoming large events which require a lot of parent participation.
 Disco dance—April
 Teacher appreciation—May Very large event and requires a lot of parent participation for
 Free Fundraising discussion (see attached flyer) and how the parents can help using Box Top and
Amazon Smile.
SPC is looking for parents to help us with translation of notes and information.
Rowena the school social media admin spoke about:

Anniversary Celebration for the 171 st May 31 st 5:30-9:30pm
10 course traditional Chinese Banquet (Empire Garden)
Online and live auctions fundraising: (JQS community helps with auction items)
o Swimming program, Technology updates and Field Trips
o Last year we raised 100k which was used to fund Swim Instruction for 440 Students
(Grades 2-5), purchase 25 Chrome books this year, Chrome carts, field trips etc.
Online Safety presentation for 3 rd to 5 th graders. Individual will come back and do it for parents
during March 28 th (next) SPC meeting.

Ways to stay connected with the school:
 Google group (jqs-boston@googlegroups.com)
 Social Media
 Parent coffee hour every Friday at 9:15am
Andrea Blake (Technology Specialist & JQS Upper school SPC President)
 Upper school has SPC meetings which help prevent/promote smaller group.
 Middle School and Upper program school IB program is really good.
 No update about JQS Upper School new building.
 IB Test High Level and save one year on College.
 Meeting with Middle and Upper school parents to help with transition between schools.

SPC Meeting Minutes - 11/16/2017

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Student Parent Council Meeting:  11-16-2017


6:00 PM - 6:45 PM - Family Feast Time 6:45PM - Child Care Starts in the Auditorium 6:45PM - 7:15PM –- Updates

*JQES Updates - Principal Soo Hoo

*Outline of upcoming JQES events

*Introduction to Josiah Quincy School Association (JQSA) - Alice Drew

*Introduction to the Box Tops Program - Bonnie Donohue

7:15PM - 7:45PM - JQES School Psychologist Eric Wong to introduce parents to the F.I.R.E. values which are used at the school and how we can reinforce the values at home.

7:45PM - 8PM - Q&A

Welcome—Updates by Principal Cynthia Soo Hoo:

Instructional Focus all classrooms all students expanding focus around evidence based tasks—reading, writing and speaking.

IB program 1st meeting was information why it is good fit for the school.  Next meeting Th Dec 7th about How.  Teachers busy with curriculum and planning more project/inquiry based like real world to prepare for kids to be global citizens.

This Saturday teachers will have 6 hr. training and making sure materials are valid and not biased.  New revised Mass state standards to build units of study.

School start time and some parents attended meeting last week to share some concerns around the school.  It gets dark out many buses are late.  Medically fragile students had issues and those concerns were raised.  Earlier start time possibly for elementary schools and later for high schools.  This will be made public on Dec 7th and we will know when next year start time for JQES.  School day 6 hours and 40minutes.  Algorithm by MIT will be used for school times.  Orchestra program is prepared if needed we will know by Dec 7th.  Might keep it within a hour timeslot.

Saturday Dec 9th TDBank Garden for all school previews.  Other school previews in Dec and Jan.  Early release Thanksgiving and last 2 days of school means 2 hours before the end time is 2:10pm.

12/9/2017            TD Garden                  9:00 am – 1:00 pm

12/11/2017            JQES                     5:30 pm -- 7:00 pm

1/5/2018            JQES                     10:00 am – 11:30 am

1/24/2018            JQES                     10:00 am – 11:30 am



Eric Wong school psychiatrist talking about FIRE values and how to link from school to home.

Agenda Book has FIRE chart.  Positive behavior intervention system.  We all do things differently and value different things.  FIRE initiative is to create one language at school.

Focus, Integrity, Respect, Empathy.  What each looks like across all the areas throughout the day for kids.  Integrity even when no one is watching.  Focus pay attention.  Respect watch the hands and what we are doing.  Empathy try and understand what someone else feels.

Highlight modeling of the good behavior and reward them.  When they find a student, who is demonstrating the child receives a dragon scale.  POD meetings once a week and highlight students in front of their peer.  After the dragon is filled they have a spirit day.  Jamboree next Wednesday half day before Thanksgiving.

Lesson plans on how to teach these to the students.  Mapping the IB values and attitudes with FIRE values.  Social and emotional learning called second step.   

If family wants to sit down with Eric and work out how to discuss continuing the FIRE values at home.  He has offered below time options:

Nov 27th Morning and Evening—8:00am or tentative times in the evening

Dec 1st in the Evening

Dec 4th Morning tentative

Please email Eric Wong:  ewong2@bostonpublicschools.org More structure TBD upon the meetings.

FIRE chart attached below.


JQSA-Alice Drew fundraise for the kids.  Any amount that budget doesn’t cover they will fundraise.  Enrichment activities during school, School trip.  They bring people to the school if they cant bring the kids out.  

Raise money for the swimming program about 60k so 2nd-5th graders can do swimming during school.  Graded on their levels.  They look for money and donors in the city.  One major fundraiser in Spring—Adult only event typically.  More info coming in Spring.  Need volunteers for the JQSA as well.

Red envelope challenge in January.

jqsassociation@gmail.com Tax free charitable org.


Bonnie Donohue –Coordinates Box Tops –easy way for all parents to help contribute to the school.  Lots of products have Box tops.  Please be aware of this and help out.

Cut out send it in with the kids or Box in the office.  Box Top app that might have specials where school can make extra money.  Extra money for the school.

Smile.amazon.com—Please pick JQSA to support the school as you shop on Amazon.

Send it in with child.

Office across from the desk

YMCA Chinatown has it near the exit door.

Money goes directly to JQSA.  Try to put Box at the Friday morning coffee hour.


2 non-profits in the School-- Michael & Ann

JQOP—Orchestra program. Subsidize 56% of the cost there is a brochure and flyer for the December 2nd 11am – 4pm Holiday Bazaar.  Farmers market feel with bakery and vendors etc.

80 Christmas trees Saturday morning will be brought in by the Michael about 7-8 feet tall fresh trees from Vermont.  If anyone wants a really tall tree email Michael (michaelfraserfir@gmail.com).  Last year parents loved the trees.  


Last year fundraiser we made the goal.  Swimming pool need the fundraising every year please volunteer to help out with activities at the school.

Corporate Matching programs may help with more donations for the school.

Upcoming Events: Please review SPC flyer for events.


Q&A  Principal Soo Hoo

ELT Cynthia overview teaching for additional 40 mintues but staff utilizing it more effectively.  Much needed for state required minutes.  6 hour day was not sufficient.  

Kids are tired.  Time being used in different ways by different grade levels.  For example; 3rd grade will plan out something for 2 weeks and moving to different teachers etc.  Specialist helping so teachers have smaller groups.  Some kindergarten gets to go out twice.  No requests being taken for start times.

School menu doesn’t get served what is on the menu.  Issues with food and delivery.  Not enough milk was an issue.  New lunch manager.  Food delivery is off and what was ordered.  Dismissal at the end of the day and lot of congestion that happens.  This year’s dismissal is working best.  Please let Cynthia know if you have issues with dismissal.  

Cafeteria management is through Central.  Parent advocacy group that pushed for the program and company.  Please provide feedback about the new food company.

No homework policy—lowering amount of work that is given due to ELT.  Activities, websites –during Parent teacher conference.  BPS guidebook has homework policy is still recommended 45-60 minutes.  Reading is included in the minutes.  

BPS policy once child has a fever they have to stay home for 24 hours.

School uniforms—SSC surveys went out 2 weeks ago…What uniform we would have and what it would look like.  Ask the teacher for the survey if you have not received it.

SPC Audio Meeting 1-9-2017

posted Jan 12, 2017, 1:52 AM by Andrea Blake

Stig, Rekha and Sonal were on the Audio call at 4pm.  Marisa, Shirley and Christy could not make it.  Principal Soo Hoo joined 

  •  Motion to make Rekha President
  • All on the call agreed that we need to strengthen leadership in the SPC this year.
  • We need to plan out the remaining year’s events ahead of time to make sure we are well prepared. Suggest one meeting with parents every other month. 
  • Face-to-Face meetings tough since we are all busy.  We decided that audio meetings are good to ensure frequent communication.
  • Ice Skating flyer printed and distributed earlier today by Rekha and Stig.
  • SPC meeting tentative 1/25 to give us time to coordinate since next week is a short week.
    • Tentative Agenda 1/25
      • Stig to follow up with Olga to have her speak to students about Know your Rights campaign with the new incoming Trump Administration
      • To celebrate Chinese New Year, SPC will provide Chinese holiday food instead of pizza and invite parents to donate Chinese pot luck dishes too if they wish.
      • Bring sign up sheet for parents looking to volunteer
      • ELT - no update as yet but we will add this to the agenda on meeting flyer beforehand

SPC Meeting Minutes 11-16-2016

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At this evening's School Parent Council(SPC) meeting we provided a brief update on:

1) Our Instructional Focus- Develop, deliver, and assess students' evidence based writing tasks  and how  our Quality School Plan aligns to the district's Core values of Equity, Coherence, and Innovation. ​

2) Our visit to the International Baccalaureate(IB) school in Framingham, and our next steps in the IB process. 

3) Our school's vision for Expanded Learning Time(ELT): At the Josiah Quincy School, staff and families are focused on promoting an environment in which students can develop the attributes required to become contributing global citizens and lifelong learners. As a result of teacher collaboration and planning, students will be provided with balanced, relevant education opportunities customized to address their academic and social/emotional needs.

SPC Meeting Minutes 10-13-2016

posted Jan 8, 2017, 1:05 PM by Andrea Blake

SPC Meeting 
Introduction by Principle Soo Hoo

  • Brief info from all parents of who they are, their position
  • Shirley will also do the Chinese translation as needed.
    • Shirley, Sonal, Rekha(Christy missing) Marissa, Melissa, and Stig.
  • Some info about the School
    • Main Vision:  prepare all students to be contributing global citizens
      • Mandarin taught to all students 
      • Gain an appreciation for languages
      • Big on environmental sciences and how students can make our world a better place
        • 1st year Energy conservation: Unplug all devices before leaving building
          • Led to saving Enough energy for single household for the entire year
        • Last Year Recycling:  Cardboard trays in the cafeteria recycling milk cartons cut down trash pickup by 2 days
        • Water Conservation theme this year:  Water turned off for JQS this year
      • JQOP increased 20 Seats for youngest players and would like to emphasize arts, this year full time dance teacher hired.
      • Emphasis on Arts and teaching:  1 art teacher, Mandarin taught through songs.
      • Big Initiative International Baccalaureate Accreditation for JQS Elementary Going through an intensive application process starting this Spring and it will take 3-4 years to get accredited.  
        • Matches well with Schools vision:  Contributing Global Citizen
        • Autonomy of School curriculum, JQS Elem working hard to create teams to make sure their is a viable curriculum.  Principal Soo Hoo supports and advocates for the teachers if they set their own curriculum which may be different from the state set curriculum.
        • Trans disciplinary units so not learning any one subject Math vs science and being able to combine subjects in a practical worldly learning.
        •  International Baccalaureate Accreditation (IBO) if JQS gets this will be the first in the State from Kindergarten to HS.
      • Talked about the new Quincy Upper School buildout delays and timelines.
      • Open House Boston Build (please see attached image of poster for details)
      • SSC-School Site Council -currently 9:30 start time roll out of extended learning time  Union has a rollout plan with City—Supply time for teachers professional development and enrichment.  We were slated for this year but this year roll out was pushed back due to budgets
      • Next year by contract every Elementary School will be extended learning time.  We would do the start time 8:30am.  Due to buses and costs for buses we can’t go to 8:30am.  Principle Soo Hoo working on status for JQS start time.  Participating in the pilot program for the TAP 4 times a day might provide additional information about bus costs and how many kids actually take the bus. 
      • Orchestra start times also get affected due to early start next year.
      • SPC is about Family engagement and issues happening with Parents and School.
      • Universal Design—make sure there is Visual with the concepts for Math not just the mechanics behind math.
      • JQS Elementary is doing Coding Week led by Code.org
        • https://code.org/learn
        • Starting in Kindergarten do have a Computer Class 
        • May have Computer Science next year.  Typing Skills for the kids.  Every Child has Google accounts at school.
  • How do we want to do the meetings for the year for SPC?  Planning the communication email, phone and flyer
  • November 16th Meeting in the evening we need to let Helen Wong know to get the space and availability.  School Parent Council.
    • Secretary pre-records the call and Mr Wu does the Chinese translation.
  • Family engaging with the School cross culturally as well as the Chinese culture.
  • Find more creative ways of engaging families with the school, and each other.

One of the Secretary’s will work on the Agenda for Nov 16th: 6-8pm
Tentative Agenda  (Thanksgiving School Gathering) —concise and short yet festive meeting so make it relaxing and more of a networking event for parents.
  • Pot Luck for the Nov 16th Meeting
      • Goals for the School Year (International Baccalaurette, Extended Learning Time and School Start Time, Instructional Focus, Universal Design for Learning) 15-20 minutes
      • 15 minutes of Parent Networking/Concerns by Grades
      • 10 minutes for Q&A

SPC Meeting Minutes 5/18/2016

posted May 25, 2016, 3:30 AM by Andrea Blake

JQES – School Parent Council (SPC) Meeting Minutes

Wednesday | May 18, 2016 | 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.


Josiah Quincy Upper School (JQUS) Headmaster Richard Chang – Updates and Q&A

Guest speaker Headmaster Richard Chang (Quincy Upper School) introduced himself to the parents in attendance, and gave a brief description about the school and students.  JQUS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, and is ranked among the top high schools in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report.  In this current class, valedictorian Johnny Fang will be attending Harvard University with a full scholarship, and salutatorian Emily Ta will be attending Boston College, with 90 percent of her tuition covered by financial aid.  

In addition, Headmaster Chang gave an update about the new building for the Upper School that will house grades 6-12 upon completion, and provided a timeline of the events to come:

·   The MA School Building Authority will formally vote to accept JQUS’ submission of the Preferred Schematic Report (location and scope of the project).  

·   In June 2016, there will be a community outreach process where the exact location of the new JQUS building will be disclosed.  

·   Summer and Fall of 2016 – The City of Boston will be conducting community presentations and meetings to inform the public of the plan, as well as to solicit feedback.  

·   Winter 2017 – The City and State will reach an agreement for the funding of the project.  The project is estimated to cost $100M, which is less expensive than the previous building proposal with the Boston Arts Academy.  The new school building will have: 60+ parking spaces underground; a full-sized basketball court/gymnasium, with seating for 1,000 people; a full auditorium and theater space with seating for 400 people; cafeteria and kitchen with seating for 200 people; culinary tech space with 6-8 cooking stations; fitness/weight room; locker rooms; larger classrooms; elevators; science labs; robotics facility; teacher planning space to facilitate collaborative planning; and a media and library space.  These new spaces will enable JQUS to meet the requirements of the IB program, in addition to addressing the various issues with the current school buildings (e.g., no elevator for students with disabilities, no gym for physical education, etc.).

·   Summer 2017 – Groundbreaking of the new school building

·   September 2019 – Opening of the new JQUS building, housing grades 6-12

Headmaster Chang explained that in order for JQES students to have priority for JQUS, it would be ideal for the elementary school to become an IB school as well.  Otherwise, JQUS would be open to all students in the City of Boston, and there would be no guaranteed seats for the JQES students.  This is an issue that the JQES School Site Council would need to discuss with all the stakeholders.  

June 16th (Thurs) JQES Spring Fling Planning

The school will be holding its annual “Spring Fling” event (exhibition of students’ art work and science projects, BBQ, face painting, arts & craft table, book fair, etc.) on Thursday, June 16th during the after school hours (5:30-7:30pm).  Volunteers are needed for all the different activities – greeting at the front desk, ticket distribution, face painting, grilling, among other tasks.  A volunteer sign-up sheet will be sent out soon, and we hope that parents will be able to help with this fun end-of-the-year event.  

June 20th (Mon) JQES 5th Grade Graduation Celebration Planning 

Historically, the JQES 4th grade parents have put together a small celebration (cookies, water, and two bundles of inflated balloons for the stage) for the 5th grade students at their graduation ceremony.  This year, the graduation will be held on Monday, June 20th.  JQES parent, Ruediger Volk (father of a 4th grader), has volunteered to lead this effort.  Any 4th grade parent who is able to assist with this event should contact Mr. Volk at: rvolk_2000@yahoo.com.  If there are any additional questions about this event, please contact JQES 5th grade teacher, Ms. Mimi Fong, at 617-635-8497.

Meet-up for new JQES Kindergarten Parents

Some of the parents in attendance proposed doing an informal meet up/playdate in early September (Saturday, 9/10 or 9/17) with the new kindergarten families, after they get their teacher assignments.  JQES parents Ann Sousa and Patrick/Bonnie Donahue volunteered to lead this effort.    

Other Topics / Announcements 

·   SPC Co-Chair David Benfield proposed that we form an ad hoc parent committee to further discuss and examine the International Baccalaureate (IB) idea for JQES.   

·   Build BPS Survey [ends May 30, 2016] – As part of the 10-year Master Planning process, Boston Public Schools is seeking input from parents, students, staff, and partners.  The purpose of the survey is to deepen their understanding of: 1) How you see school buildings and the programs offered within them; and 2) Your hopes and expectations for improved buildings and programs in the future.  Data collected through this survey, along with other community engagement tools, will complement ongoing analyses of school facilities and educational/learning programs.  Please take about 10-15 minutes to answer these questions to share your opinion about a particular school.  You can complete a separate survey for each school your student(s) attends or to which you are connected.  In addition to English, the survey is also available in other languages: http://www.bostonpublicschools.org/Page/5421

·   JQES Fall Feast: The tentative date is Thursday, September 22, 2016.  More details to come.  


Questions, comments, or suggested topics for upcoming Parent Council Meetings?  Please email us at:  josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com


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SPC Meeting Minutes 3/09/2016

posted Mar 14, 2016, 5:50 PM by Andrea Blake

Planning for the April 8th (Friday) Disco Dance

We have recruited a few parents to help with the water, face painting, and music for the Family Disco Dance on Friday, April 8th, 6:30-8:30pm in the school gymnasium.  The ticket cost is $5 per family.  This is going to be a big (500+ children) and fun event, and we will need additional parent volunteers to help with the front desk (ticket sales), floor supervision and crowd control, and snack distribution.  The SPC Executive Committee will order various snacks (chips, fruit snacks, etc.) for the event, but it is strongly encouraged that parents feed their child(ren) before the dance.  Parents/Guardians are expected to accompany their child(ren) to the disco dance – no drop offs.  If anyone is available to help that evening, please e-mail the SPC Executive Committee at josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com.  


Planning for the May 6th (Friday) Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

This is another big JQES event where we will provide breakfast for the JQES teachers and staff (120 individuals total) in the cafeteria.  In the past, we were able to get some great donations (food) from local businesses such as pastries, and it would be great if parents could help with the solicitations again this year.  Attached is a sample solicitation letter that parents can use to ask local businesses for donations.  We will also be sending a letter home with all the students to ask for donations from parents.  In addition, we will be buying small gifts for the teachers and staff, so we are looking for ideas for gifts as well as donations.  If anyone is available to help with this event, or has ideas for gifts, please e-mail the SPC Executive Committee at josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com.

Principal Soo Hoo – Updates 

  • BPS Budget – There are no significant changes or implications for JQES next school year (SY16-17), and the school will be able to maintain its current staffing level.  Parents can go on the City of Boston’s website to watch recordings of the BPS budget meetings, and/or attend the following Boston School Committee Budget Hearings:  
    • Wednesday, March 16; 5:00 p.m. Budget Hearing; 6:00 p.m. School Committee meeting; 

2300 Washington Street, Roxbury - 2nd Floor

  • Wednesday, March 23; 6:00 p.m. Regular meeting and FY16 Budget vote; 2300 Washington Street, Roxbury - 2nd Floor

  • Extended Learning Time (ELT) update – There will be no changes for the next school year (SY16-17), and JQES’ time will remain the same (9:30am-3:30pm).  The current plan is to implement the extended learning time (extra 40 minutes) in SY17-18, but this issue still needs further discussions with the Boston Teachers Union (BTU) and BPS Central Office.  Some of the JQES staff, parents, and community partners would prefer an earlier start time.  Given the school’s proximity to the hospital, major transit lines, and highways, there will be logistical challenges with transportation if JQES were to dismiss at a later time (during the evening rush hour).  The school has already started a sub-committee (comprised of JQES teachers, parents, and after school program staff) to work on this ELT initiative.       

  • JQES Field Trip on April 14th – All the JQES students and teachers will be going to the Apple Circus (City Hall Plaza) on Thursday, April 14th.    

  • JQES Alumni Open House on April 15th – In an effort to re-connect and engage the JQES alumni, Principal Soo Hoo is planning to have an “Open House” on Friday, April 15th.  More details to come.  

  • “Un-Conference” – Principal Soo Hoo proposed to have a day where parents can come in to learn about various school topics (e.g., PARCC, AWC, Inclusion classes, etc.) in different sessions.  It would most likely be held on a Saturday at JQES, and childcare would be provided.  Parents said it would be helpful to see a list of topics ahead of time before giving feedback on this proposal.  

Other Topics / Announcements 

  • SPC Treasurer Darrell Smith reported that we have already sold 116 DVDs from the forms that went home with the students.  The Parent Council is also planning to sell the DVDs at the JQES Disco Dance to raise more funds for the various SPC activities throughout the school year.  

  • Raffle Tickets – JQES is currently selling raffle tickets to raise money for library books and to fund other school activities.  The drawing will be held on Friday, April 15, 2016.  Please contact JQES Librarian, Heidi Boulogne <hboulogne@bostonpublicschools.org> for raffle tickets or for more details.  

  • Tuesday, March 15th – JQOP Student Concert in the auditorium, 6:30pm.  All JQES parents and students are invited to attend.       

  • Wednesday, March 16th – There will be a Candidates Forum for the First Suffolk and Middlesex State Senate Election in the auditorium at 6:00pm.  Parents and community members are invited to attend to meet the candidates and hear them speak.  

  • Wednesday, March 30th – BPS’ Office of Family Engagement will be holding a community meeting in the school auditorium at 6:00pm to explain the interviewing and hiring process for the JQES Principal position.  (Ms. Soo Hoo was appointed last school year to serve as the Interim JQES Principal.)  More details to come from the BPS Office.    

Questions, comments, or suggested topics for upcoming Parent Council Meetings?  Please email us at:  josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com

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Next Meeting:  Wednesday, May 18th, 6:00-7:00pm in the Cafeteria

SPC Meeting Minutes 1/13/2016

posted Feb 1, 2016, 8:19 PM by Andrea Blake

Presentation: Internet Safety for Children, Microsoft Center

Microsoft Center staff, Kristen McCullough (krmccull@microsoft.com), gave a presentation regarding internet safety.  See attached PDF documents for more details.  Highlights from the presentation include:

·         Every time you create an account online, your personal information is physically kept and stored by that company’s cloud.  Read their privacy policy before making the decision to join, and only give your information to companies you trust.

·         Check your privacy settings in Windows.  Consider enabling Do Not Track and Internet Explorer’s SmartScreen filter.

·         Malware, including viruses and spyware, can be avoided by staying cautious.  Don’t open email attachments from unknown sources and don’t click on advertisements offering PC protection.  Keep Windows and your antivirus software up-to-date.

·         If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.  Hover over links to check their actual destination. Check the site’s URL bar for proper spelling and security (https) before navigating further.


Upcoming JQES events

JQES students and parents are invited to an ice-skating party at the DCR Steriti Memorial Rink (North End) on Monday, January 18, 2016 (MLK, Jr. Day).  Please dress appropriately; children must wear a helmet.

Committee Sign-up

Parents were asked to sign up to volunteer for committees (Disco Dance, Teacher Appreciation, and Spring Fling).  Please e-mail the Parent Council if you are interested in signing up for one of the committees: josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com


Principal Soo Hoo: Instructional Focus Activity for Parents

Principal Soo Hoo explained that the school’s instructional focus plan is to develop, deliver, and assess opinion writing tasks that improve student evidence-based writing in all grade levels (K0-G5).  To help parents better understand JQES’ instructional focus plan, Principal Soo Hoo engaged parents in an opinion writing task by passing out a passage for parents to read.  Parents were then asked if they agreed or disagreed with the statement, and to provide three (3) reasons to support their opinion with evidence from the text.  See attached PDF document for more details.      


Other Topics

BPS Budget Cuts - Parents inquired about the recently announced budget cuts to BPS for school year 2016-2017.  Principal Soo Hoo responded that JQES will not be losing any teaching positions for the next school year, but the discretionary funding will be lower, and JQES will have to rely more on JQSA’s fundraising efforts for technology needs, etc.  For more information about the BPS budget and the Citywide Parent Council, please visit: http://www.citywideparentcouncil.org/organizing-toolkits/


The following are Twitter accounts that BPS parents may want to follow in order to stay abreast of budget and other district-wide issues.  Parents may want to consider signing up for a Twitter account - it's a great way to keep up with local information.

@cpc_Boston (Official Citywide Parent Council Account)

@wheresmyporsche (Co-Chair of the Citywide Parent Council)

@SuptChang (Superintendent Chang's Twitter Account)

@BostonSchools (BPS Official Twitter Account)

@marty_walsh (Mayor Marty Walsh's Account)

@titojackson (Boston City Councilor, Chair of Education Committee) 



Questions, comments, or suggested topics for upcoming Parent Council Meetings?  Please email us at:  josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com


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演讲: 微软电脑公司工作人员为学生和家长讲解儿童网络安全问题

微软电脑公司工作人员,Kristen McCullough,她的邮件是(krmccull@microsoft.com), 为学生和家长讲解儿童网络安全问题。你们可以点击PDF 文件夹可以查询更多的资料。重点叙述以下的内容:

·        每當你在網上開帳戶, 你的個人資料,實際上是保留及儲存在公司的雲端。在決定加入前,細讀隱私政策,你的個人資料只給可信賴的公司。

·        在視窗 Windows 查看隱私設定。考慮使用不要追蹤 Do Not Track 功能及 Internet Explorer’s SmartScreen 過濾器。

·        只要保持小心謹慎,惡意軟件 Malware, 包括病毒 viruses 及間諜軟件 spyware 是可以避開的。不要打開不知名的電郵附件,不要點擊提供個人電腦 PC 保護的廣告。更新視窗 Windows 及抗毒 antivirus 軟件。

·        如發現有不妥之處,就算是問題不大,在啟航前,檢查實際目的地的連接,查看網頁 地址欄 url bar 的網址 ( https ) 拼字是否正確或安全。



2016年一月十八日(马丁路德金日),学校邀请所有家长和学生参加溜冰活动。地点在(North End)的水族馆附近的溜冰场举行,时间是当天下午4点到6点,请家长帮自己小孩准备好溜冰头盔和设备。
















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SPC Meeting Minutes 11/18/2015

posted Feb 1, 2016, 7:27 PM by Andrea Blake   [ updated Feb 1, 2016, 8:24 PM ]

Welcome and Introduction of the SPC Executive Committee Members

Members of the SPC Executive Committee welcomed everyone to the meeting, and introduced themselves to the

parent attendees.  School Site Council (SSC) representative, Samuel Hurtado, was also in attendance, and

introduced himself to the group.  

JQES Updates – Principal Cynthia SooHoo

Principal SooHoo introduced herself, and provided the following JQES updates:

  •  School Quality/Improvement Plan for the school year: Develop, deliver, and assess opinion writing tasks

that improve student evidence-based writing.      

  • PARCC Assessment – Students in Grades 3, 4 and 5 will be taking the PARCC assessments.  Last year, BPS

piloted the PARCC computer-based assessment for English Language Arts/Literacy and Math, and

according to recent updates, BPS students will be given the PARCC assessments again this coming Spring.  

Because this is a new assessment, schools will be held harmless for low test scores (i.e., no penalty).  In

2017, there will be a hybrid MCAS/PARCC test.  

  • Extended Learning Time (ELT) – There will be no changes for the next school year (2016-2017), and JQES’

time will remain the same (9:30am-3:30pm).  The extended learning time (40 minutes) will be

implemented in 2017-2018, but the exact start/end times have not been determined yet.  

  •  International Baccalaureate (IB) School – Principal SooHoo would like to explore the possibility of JQES

becoming an IB school like the Quincy Upper School.  The IB program offers inter-disciplinary studies that

will prepare students to be more globally aware and engaged citizens.  Students will have a more rigorous

curriculum.  This proposal will first have to go through the JQES Faculty Senate and School Parent Council

for feedback, and then the School Site Council will get to vote on the matter.  

  • Notice:  Any parent who wants to volunteer at the school (e.g., helping out in class, chaperoning field

trips, etc.) must fill out the CORI/SORI forms first.  The forms are available at the City Connects office, and

you will need to include a copy of your driver’s license or state ID.  It will probably take 3-4 weeks for

clearance, and the certification will be good for one school year.  Please note that your confidential

information (e.g., SSN) will be collected, and Principal SooHoo will look into how the information will be

transmitted to the agency that checks the forms.  

  • There will be a School Site Council meeting on Friday, November 20, 2015, 8-9am in the School Library.  

Members include Principal SooHoo, parents, and faculty.  They will be reviewing the entire school quality

plan for this school year, and Principal SooHoo will be sharing the PARCC data regarding how the students

performed on the exam.  It is an open meeting, but non-members will not be able to vote on the issues,

and the meeting minutes will be posted on the JQES website.       

Presentation: Sam Healy, Nurtured Heart Approach

Sam Healy is a consultant for the JQES staff.  He works with teachers to help students learn and stay focused in

the classroom.  He also works with parents, and teaches them the same strategies to help their children be

successful.  Highlights from his presentation include:


1) Relationships – Children need to have positive relationships with parents and teachers, as these

interactions with adults shape their brain development.  

2) We get to choose what kind of relationship we want to have with students.  Traditionally, it has been

more negative.  The new strategy is to build a positive relationship with children.

3) Video Game Principles – Incentives are strong and predictable.  Rules are clear and predictable.  

Consequences are always delivered.  Reset and restart without negativity.  


1) Refuse to energize negative behaviors – Brief and mild consequence with as little interaction as possible.

2) Recognize and energize success in the moment – Look for small pieces of success throughout the day –

kids’ brains learn through success.  If you’re negative to them, they will get into the defensive mode and

not learn, and we’re not at our best either when we’re angry.  

3) Be clear and firm about consequences, such as a short time-out.  Don’t spend too much time explaining

the consequences, just go straight into the consequence.  

Upcoming JQES Events

 12/17 (Thurs) - Winter Extravaganza (during school hours)

 12/17 (Thurs) - JQOP Winter Concert, 6:30pm in the school auditorium

Committee Sign-ups

Parents were asked to sign up to volunteer for committees (Movie Night, Disco Dance, Teacher Appreciation &

Spring Fling).  Please e-mail the Parent Council if you are interested in signing up for one of the committees:


Ice Skating Party on MLK Day at the North End Rink  

Please save the date for our annual ice skating party to be held on Martin Luther King Day, 1/18/16 from 4-6 p.m.

at the DCR Steriti Memorial Rink in the North End.  There was a question raised about possibly doing other

activities for MLK Day in the future.    

Questions, comments, or suggested topics for upcoming Parent Council Meetings?  Please email us at:  


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Next Meeting:  Wednesday, January 13th, 6:00-8:00pm in the Cafeteria

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成员-Samuel Hurtado, 也出席了这次会议,并向大家介绍自己。



1. 学校质量/改进计划:发展、传递和评估,学校以实际效果为基础将从一年级学生入手。

2. 麻省州考评估——3、4、5年级的学生会接受麻省州考的评估。去年,州考以电脑为基础对英




3. 延长学习时间(ELT) - 下一年度的学习时间不会有改变(2016-2017),学校的主要上课时间



4. 国际文凭(IB)学校——司徒校长在尽可能使昆西小学成为像昆西大学一样的国际认证学校,



5. 通知:有兴趣作为志愿者参加的学生家长(例如,课堂帮助、课外实际考察等),首先填好志

愿表(CORI/SORI form)。表格可在主办公室领取,须携带有效驾照或身份证,需要3-4周时间做



6. 学校基层会将会在周五,十一月二十号,早上八点到九点举行,地点为学校图书馆。其中包括



著名心理学家Sam Healy:培育心的方法

Sam Healy作为学校顾问,他与老师一起工作,帮助学生学习和保持课堂注意力。他还与家长一













          12/17 (星期四)---冬季狂欢晚会(在正常的学校上课时间举行)

          12/17  (星期四)---JQOP冬季音乐晚会,晚上六点半举行




马丁路德金日在North End Rink举行溜冰派对

请记录下我们在马丁路德金日举行的溜冰派对,1/18/16 4-6pm 在DCR Steriti纪念馆。如果您有





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SPC Meeting Minutes 5/16/2014

posted Jun 17, 2014, 5:59 AM by JQS - Boston   [ updated Jun 17, 2014, 6:02 AM ]

  Josiah Quincy Parent Council Meeting Minutes May 16, 2014 昆士小學家長委員會會議記錄 五月十六日,2014
1.    The Playground Committee has raised ~ $3,500 towards playground improvements. Two of the playgrounds have been completed. The third one is process and requires further fundraising to complete.
2.    Dunk Tank Day is Friday May 30th from 10:00am-3:00 pm. Every class will get a chance to take their aim and dunk a teacher. The cost will be $1 per throw per student, $3 for adults. Funds raised will go to support the completion of the playground.
3.    Spring Fling is Thursday May 29th from 5:30-7:30pm. There will be a science fair, art show, scholastic book fair, the rock band will be playing, and Mr. McCarthy will be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers on the balcony. Teachers will be attending so this is a great opportunity to mingle with your child's teachers.
·      Book Fair: students will have time to preview the books during school on May 29th and May 30th and they will be able to buy books during school on the week of June 2nd-6th.
·      Art Fair: The art teachers have been working with the children to mount their art work which will be for sale for $5 each. You will only be able to buy your own child's work.
   Ms. Wattles is going to need a lot of help hanging the art all day on the 29th and they   need a few folks to man tables by the entrance. If you are able to volunteer contact the SPC at: josiahquincyparentcouncil@gmail.com
   Spring Fling: 529日,星期四,下午5:30-7:30. 這是一個科學展覽會,藝術晚會,學術書展,現場搖滾樂隊表演等等。Mr.McCarthy将烧烤热狗和汉堡包,教师们将会参与,所以这是一个与你孩子的教师交流的好机会。
·         書展:學生可以在529日和530日預覽書籍,他們能夠在62日至6日這一周,在學校期間購買喜歡的書籍
·         藝術展覽會:美術老師一直在與孩子們製作他們的藝術作品,將每個5元出售。你只能夠買你自己的孩子的作品。Ms. Wattles很需要大家的幫助在29日全天掛藝術作品,和他們還需要一些人在入口旁幫忙。如果你能夠當志願者聯繫家長委員會,
4.    OrchestraThursday June 10th is the Orchestra's final performance of the year. And everyone needs to renew their orchestra application for fall by Friday May 30th. Continue to check JQOP.org for event dates and orchestra information.
5.    5th Grade Graduation Volunteers needed. Please contact Barb Peterlin needs some 4th grade parents to help with 5th grade graduation party. She doesn't have the graduation date yet, but if you are interested in helping, please email contact Barb
   五年級畢業禮需要志願者。請聯繫Barb Peterlin,需要一些四年级的家长帮助五年级毕业晚会。毕业时间她未定,但如果你有兴趣帮忙,请电邮联系Barb
6.    Rooftop party is Friday June 6th. This will be a full POTLUCK event. WE WILL ONLY BE PROVIDING DRINKS. If you bring food admittance is free, it will be $5 each family without food. So bring your favorite dish, or pick up a pizza to bring on the way.
7.    Talent Show- June 12th. Further information will be coming soon
8.    JQS Social Media. Please follow us at: josiahquincyschool. We started an Instagram account for the school, Instagram is a free photo sharing app. We also just took down the old JQS Facebook page so we can fully update it and connect it to the Instagram account. We will not be posting pictures of kids. We wanted to get JQS active on social media for 2 reasons- It's a big school. Anything that can encourage a sense of community and school pride is a good thing. We also wanted to show new and potential parents all the wonderful happenings going on in the school every day. The second reason is, we received a lot of donations this year, food and otherwise. We have a lot of community partners. If we can recognize those donors in the social media sphere, where it could potentially prove beneficial to them (the donor) and we can maintain a relationship and encourage them to donate again. We spoke with Principal Ho about doing some kind of social media contest with the teachers next year- whoever sends in the most pictures receives a gift card to go toward classroom supplies. We'd like to do a "Teacher Tuesday" where we photograph a different teacher each week and hopefully include a fun bit of information about them that we did not know.
JQS昆士小學社交媒體。請關注我們: josiahquincyschool 。我們為學校在Instagram上開了帳戶, Instagram是一個免費照片共享應用程序。我們已把舊的JQS Facebook頁面暫停,這樣我們可以進行更新並把它連接到Instagram的帳戶。我們不會張貼孩子的照片。我們希望讓JQS活躍的體現在社交媒體中是因為:一,這是一所大的學校。我們需要促進社區和學校的驕傲感,也想向新的和潛在的家長展示學校每天的精彩生活。二,今年我們收到了很多捐贈,還有很多社區合作夥伴。如果我們能夠在社交媒體上列出捐助者,可能有助於捐助者和我們保持關係,並鼓勵他們再次捐贈。我們和何校長初步計劃明年可以和老師組織一個社交媒體比賽。誰發的圖片最多,就獎勵一張禮品卡,可用來買教室用品。我們希望舉行教師星期二的活動,每個星期我們拍攝不同的老師,希望能展示一些他們我們還不知道的有趣信息。
9.    Psychologist Eric Wong provided an update on the Universal Screening Program that began this year. The program focuses on creating a system to be able identify and support Social/Emotional development for the entire school. JQS is leading the BPS field in implementing this program. Principal Ho will be presenting at the Social Emotional Workshop May 29th from 3-6 pm at the Boston Public Library.  
   心理學家Eric Wong更新了今年開始的Universal Screening Program的情況。該計劃的重點是為整個學校建立一個系統,能夠識別和支持Social/Emotional發展。 JQS昆士小學是率先在波士頓公立學校中實施這個方案的。何校長將於529日下午3:00-6:00在波士頓公共圖書館的Social Emotional研討會中作報告。

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