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All parents are members of the School Parent Council. School Parent Council meetings are held every other month, usually on a Thursday evening. Each year, the SPC Executive Committee officers will set the dates and times for the meetings, as well as any special meetings, presentations and events. Please check your e-mails from the JQES Google Group for meeting reminders! If you would like to join the JQES Google Group, please go to groups.google.com, search for JQES Google Group and Apply to Join after submitting the necessary information.

The SPC organizes family engagement events. Past events include apple picking, ice skating party, art festival, regular Friday morning coffee hours, and a family disco dance party. 

The SPC officers were voted in at the This is Us Event, and a second election held on Curriculum Open House Night.

Your 2018-19 officers are:   
  • Bonnie Donohue and Jen Roy, Co-chair
  • Stig Bjornebye and Li Yi Wu, Co-treasurers
  • Katie Liang and Shirley Weng, Co-secretaries
  • SPC Meetings are held during the evening hours on Thursdays (with childcare)

  • SPC Executive Committee Meetings with Principal Soo Hoo are usually held mornings hours 8:30-9:15 on Wednesdays

  • Outreach to parents about events including creating/copying/distributing flyers at least a week before the event, and recording robo call and posting to the JQS google group (jqs-boston@googlegroups.com)


  • 9/7- Incoming students Summer Playdate

  • 9/12- SPC Executive Meeting

  • 9/27- Welcome Back with Fall Friendship Feast


  • 10/1 School Picture Day (Individual Shots)

  • 10/4 School Picture Day (Makeups)

  • 10/8- (Mon) Holiday/Observance NO SCHOOL

  • 10/24- SPC Executive Meeting


  • 11/12- (Mon) Holiday/Observance NO SCHOOL

  • 11/15- Parent Council Meeting/ Movie Night

  • 11/21 Early Dismissal

  • 11/22-23 -Thanksgiving break NO SCHOOL


  • JQES Winter Extravaganza and Tree Bazaar

  • 12/24-31 Winter Break NO SCHOOL


  • 1/1 (Tue) Holiday/Observance NO SCHOOL

  • 1/16- SPC Executive Meeting

  • 1/21- (Mon) Holiday/Observance NO SCHOOL

  • 1/21- Ice Skating Party 4-6pm at the Steriti Memorial Rink (North End)


  • 2/7- Parent Council Meeting/ Movie Night- Celebrating Chinese New Year

  • 2/18-22 February Break NO SCHOOL

MARCH 2019

  • 3/13- SPC Executive Meeting

  • 3/29- Disco Dance (6pm)

APRIL 2019

  • 4/3- SPC Executive Meeting

  • 4/15-19 April Break NO SCHOOL

  • 4/25- Parent Council Meeting/ Movie Night

MAY 2019

  • 5/10- Teacher Appreciation Breakfast 8am

  • 5/15 JQES 172nd Annual Banquet Fundraiser

  • 5/22- SPC Executive Meeting

  • 5/27- (Mon) Holiday/Observance NO SCHOOL

JUNE 2019

  • 6/6- SPC Event “This is US” end of year (Art,book fair, food) & SPC Parent Elections

Rowena Tuttle,
Nov 19, 2018, 11:01 AM