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JQS Google Group

Join the JQS family google group to receive emails on news & events from JQS Parent Council officers, and other JQS parents.  Emails appear from {JQS-PC}

(Google groups are easily identified by the chat bubbles' icon above)

SIGN UP or UPDATE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:  To sign up or update your email address send an email to:

UPDATE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:  To update your email address &/or the way you receive emails from {JQS-PC}, either send a request to address in blue above or DIY at:  http://groups.google.com/group/jqs-boston

TROUBLE?  Not receiving email from the JQS Google group, but you did sign up?

Two things can prevent receipt of {JQS-PC} emails:
   1.  an email address is added, but the individual doesn't "Accept" the invitation to join the group.      
   2.  an email is added, the individual Accepts, but isn't perrmitted to receive the emails by their own email program due to a spamblocker.  A good spamblocker must be updated every time a new email address, especially a  'group' email address, sends you mail.

To make sure our emails are not blocked, please add:  jqs-boston@googlegroups.com to your email address list or contacts list.

ALSO, an easy way to read the group messages is to keep coming back here, to: 
    & click on the Families tab.  The Bulletin Board links you directly to the email archives.  Bookmark it for easy reference.

Thanks for being an active parent at our great school!