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Community 社區

There is always a lot going on at JQS! In addition to wonderful staff, families do many different things to contribute to the success of our school. Throughout the year, there are many parent-run events and activities. In addition, there are casual groups and formal committees which meet and make things happen. A few of the favorites events include:
  • Weekly coffee & tea gatherings
  • Monthly SPC (School Parent Council) meetings
  • Fall Friendship Feast
  • Movie Nights
  • MLK Ice-Skating Party
  • Disco Dance

How? 怎樣?

There are several ways to become aware of projects and events at JQS 有幾個方法去留意昆士學校JQ S的項目及活動:
  1. Join the JQS email group.
  2. Go to School Parent Council (SPC) meetings. 
  3. Stop by on Friday mornings for coffee/tea hour. (9:30am-10:30am)
     1. 加入昆士學校電郵小組。
     2. 參加學校家長會會議。
     3. 逢星期五在咖啡茶座溜連。(上午9時30分至10時30分)

If you would like to get more involved, consider joining or initiating a project at some point.  
在昆士學校JQ S總會有很多活動在進行中! 除了出色的教職員外,家庭也有許多不同的事情可幹,為我們的學校成功作出貢獻。全年,有許多學生家長組織項目和活動。另外,有宜閑的小組及正式的委員會,開會討論及大幹一番,這些有意義的事情包括:
  • 每週咖啡茶座
  • 學校家長會月會
  • 秋季友誼餐會
  • 每月電影會
  • 溜冰派對
  • 迪士高舞會


Click below to see a list of current committees active so far this year. 點擊下面本年委員會活動名單。
In addition, check out meeting minutes from the SPC (School Parent Council). 此外,查看學校家長會會議記錄 ( 學校家長委員會 )