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Art Exhibit in 2012: 
The theme of this year's visual art exhibit  is "Diversity Through Arts".  This exhibition will explore the beauty and splendor of cultures from around the globe. Our hope is that our arts programming will expand from an annual program of arts integration to a full-year during the day program of arts-immersion, allowing all students to continue to develop their proclivity and passion for the arts.

We have received quotes from many artists and teachers who  lead and assisted the class: 

 "For 10 years I've enjoyed reading books to 2nd graders at the Amigos School in Cambridge on my Thursday afternoon lunch break from work in the Arts in Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. After just one fun session doing visual art exercises with 2nd graders at the Josiah Quincy School, I wonder if I'm starting to hear my calling, down on my knees at a students' work table, three feet above sea level .... I loved roaming the room for an hour, going from table to table, coaching the second graders in the depiction of the single still life image on the table--trying, with the excellent assistance of their teacher, Ms. Martin, to get them to draw what they saw-- and feeling after two or three laps around the room that they were starting to get the idea. I think in a few more sessions on a similar still-life project they'd start to get the feeling of warm satisfaction and surprise that I've been getting from observational drawing for the past several years." -Scott Ruescher.. Harvard Graduate School of Education.

"It's important for all of us to feel proud of and at home with our own culture, the culture of our peers, and the culture of those with whom we seldom come into contact.  By celebrating cultural diversity at school, we can accomplish all of these goals and help to ready students for life in a global society."

Tanya Santiago-Ruhling (JQS 2nd grade Teacher)


Art Exhibit in 2011: