Website Credits

 This exciting new website for The Josiah Quincy School was made possible with the generous contributions of time, expertise, and hard work by a group of parents known as "The WebMonkeys:"

David Bartsch
Andrea Blake
Carl Blake
Duane Bronson

Sara Demeter
Pam Knight-Detemple
David Palmer

 Principal Simon Ho encouraged the initiative, Mr. Wai Chin Ng shepherded our efforts and Mr. Andrew Kelley volunteered his valuable time to help tweak the classroom site specifics.   All members of the Technical Committee helped make this website possible, especially:

Heidi Boulogne
Denrod Fowler
Gail Graff
Ronnie Ho
Andrew Kelley

YuanYuan Liu
Wai-Chin Ng
Nan Rubin
Jasmine Young
Laura Zwerdling

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