JQS History 昆士學校歷史

The Josiah Quincy Elementary School is an excellent school. How did it become the school it is today? It has a very interesting history everyone should know about. The current school wasn’t always there. Let’s begin the story back before this school was built…

Before this school was built, there was the Old Quincy School, located at 88-90 Tyler Street. This school is the oldest school building in Boston that continues to be used as a school. It was built in 1847 in Chinatown. Something special about it is that it was the first school in the country to have separate classrooms for each grade and separate desks for each student. In July 2017 the original location was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. This school was named after the second Mayor of Boston , Josiah Quincy III. The Old Quincy School was only for children in the neighborhood, which later became problematic. 
Around that time different neighborhoods were segregated by race. There was a law that children could go only to schools in their neighborhood. That meant that many schools only had one race in them! Many people were upset about that, and one of those people was Judge Garrity, who wanted schools to have a mix of different races. He strongly believed in integration. He also had many ideas of how to improve the school system. Finally, he came up with one that worked…

In the year 1976, a decision was made that the Old Quincy School and the Abraham Lincoln School (Now the Josiah Quincy Upper School) were to be joined together into one school. The idea was to integrate the two schools into one. This integration was to make a better school by combining the strategies of each school. There was a mix of races, because students were bused from different neighborhoods to the school.

The Josiah Quincy School opened on September 19, 1976. It had a new environment to adjust to. The new school was an open-plan school, meaning that on each floor there were no walls between the classrooms. Classrooms were separated by only low furniture. This was intended to help pupils learn better by being able to communicate more with others. Since all the teachers and students were unaccustomed to this environment, school was a little confusing and noisy. But it did have some benefits, such as easier communication and more space in the hallways. Eventually everyone thought they would be more comfortable with some walls.

Finally walls were put in, but only in some areas. The last walls were put in 1998. JQS is still different from others: some classrooms are still separated with just furniture and most classrooms don’t have doors. It might still be a little noisy, but the environment has improved since the school first opened.

The second floor playground was built by Quincy School and community volunteers on September 25, 1998, and is still there today. Later the Quincy Schoolyard Committee planned the second play structure, on the rooftop. On November 13, 1999, parents, teachers, administrators, City Year Corps members, community volunteers, and the entire Harvard University Rowing Team built the play structure on the rooftop. That playground is also still in use today.

The Josiah Quincy Elementary School has won many awards and high ratings for its success, including: 
  • Rated one of the top 100 schools in Eastern Massachusetts in 2005
  • The Excellence in Education award- 1986
  • Effective Practice award: 2001, 2002, 2003
Today JQS is very successful. We have 108 dedicated staff and 828 terrific students. Everyone works hard and tries their best to accomplish great things and to prepare our next generation for global citizenship!

List of principals: 
  • Bob Early
  • Louise McCoy
  • Ca'Lannye Thomas
  • Marian Fahey
  • Charlie Gibbons
  • William Hurley (acting principal)
  • Bak Fun Wong
  • Barbara O'Donell
  • Suzanne Lee
  • Simon Ho 
  • Cynthia Soo Hoo (Current)
昆士小學是一所優秀的學校。這學校是怎樣發展到今天的呢? 大家應該知道一些非常有趣的歷史吧。當前的學校並不是一直就是在這裡。故事就由建造這所學校之前開始…

在這所學校建造之前,有老昆士學校,是位於泰勒街88-90 號。 這所學校是波士頓最古老的學校建築,現在還作為學校的用途。 這個學校是在1847年,於唐人街興建。特色是全國第一所學校,每級有獨立的課堂,學生有獨立的書桌。這學校以波士頓第二位市長Josiah Quincy III命名。老昆士學校是為鄰區的孩子而設,後來變得困難重重。

那時,附近不同的鄰區是以種族作為分隔。法例規定,孩子只能在鄰區的學校上學。這個意味許多學校只有單一的種族! 許多人因此而不滿,其中之一就是G arrity法官,他強烈要求學校要有不同的種族,混合上課。 他也有許多想法,去改善學校系統。他終於想出一個有效的辦法來。

在1976年,決定把老昆士學校與 Abraham Lincoln學校合並,成為現時的昆士學校。(而當年的 Abraham Lincoln學校就是現時昆士中學的所在)。這個把兩間學校合而為一的構想,就是為了可種族混合上學。透過結合每所學校的教學策略,讓一所合並的學校做得更好。學生來自不同的鄰區,用校車送到同一學校,混合上課。

昆西學校在1976年9月19日開辦了。有一個新的環境要讓學生熟習。 新的學校是開放式,意味在課堂之間是沒有分隔的。課堂是用低高度的傢俱分隔。目的是有助學生更好的學會與其他人溝通。 由於老師和學生不習慣這個環境,學校是受到少許纏擾和顯得嘈吵。但有些好處,例如更加容易地溝通和有更多空間。最後,大家終於認為有些牆壁是會舒適些。

最後,在一些地點裝上了牆壁。到1998年,裝上了最後一堵牆壁。昆士學校JQS與別不同之處: 有些課堂仍然用傢俱分隔開來,大多數課堂是沒有門的。也許仍然是嘈吵一點,但環境比創辦時改善了。


     o 在2005年評為東麻州其中100間頂尖學校
     o 優秀教育獎∶ 1986 
     o 有效實踐獎: 2001, 2002, 2003

今天,昆士學校JQ S是非常成功的。我們有108名至誠的教職員和828名活潑的學生。大家一起努力,讓教育至善至美,培育我們下一代成為全球公民 !

o Bob Early
o Louise McCoy
o Ca'Lannye Thomas
o Marian Fahey
o Charlie Gibbons 
o William Hurley ( 署理校長 ) 
o Bak Fun Wong 黃伯勳
o Barbara O'Donell 
o Suzanne Lee 李素影
o Simon Ho 何少華 ( 現任 )