Chart of Bill of Rights


Arrival and Dismissal






·Listen carefully and follow the directions of all adults immediately.

·Walk directly to your destination.

·Eat only in designated areas.

·Walk silently and stay at your destination

·Arrive promptly at your destination.

·Meet parents in designated areas.

·Notify your teacher or an adult before leaving.



·Walk at all times, taking only one step at a time

·Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

·Have a pass or a partner at all times.

·Keep hallways clean.

·Ask permission to leave classroom

·Wash hands with soap and water.

·Let an adult know of any problems  right away.




·Walk quietly at all times

·Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

·Always stay seated.

·Eat only in designated areas.

·Ask permission to leave with a signed pass.

·Stay at designated place (with teacher, in room, Big Brother, Big Sister).


·Line up correctly and quietly at the beginning and end (bell) of recess.

·Silently stand in line.

·Stop, look, and listen, when bell rings.

·Keep your hands and your feet to yourself.

·Let an adult know right away of any problems, injuries, or conflicts.

·Be at designated place (with teacher, in room, Big Bro, Big Sis).


·Walk silently when entering and exiting.

·Sit properly in your seat with feet on floor.