JQS Bill of Rights 昆士學校學生權利與責任

The JQS Community Members will work to create a learning environment that is welcoming, respectful, and safe.


At JQS we believe in
The Right to be respected
The Right to a safe learning environment

With these rights we also have the responsibility to:
  • Respect the ideas and opinions of others   
  • Work cooperatively with others   
  • Accept differences of others such as culture, family, race, religion, and gender
  • Take care of and respect school property and materials
  • Follow school safety rules
  • Use kind and polite words and actions
  • Problem-solve in positive ways
  • Participate and be positive
  • Challenge ourselves to work hard and be our best



  • 尊重其他人的想法和觀點 
  • 與其他人一起合作
  • 接受文化、家庭、種、宗教與性別上的差異 
  • 維護及尊重學校財物
  •  遵循學校安全規則 
  • 有親切及禮貌的言詞和行為 
  • 用正面方式解決問題
  • 有參與及要正面 自我挑戰,艱
  • 努力和做到最好