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JQS is proud of all of it's students, and would like to encourage all students to stay in touch.  One fun way is the scrapbook of memories, below.

If YOU are a JQS Elementary Alumni, please add a few comments on where you are, what you value about your time at JQS or simply some favorite memories to our Comment blog, below.

Xie Xie !

昆士學校JQ S為所有學生感到驕傲,並希望及鼓勵所有學生保持聯繫。其中一個有趣的方式,就是利用下面的回憶剪貼薄。

如你是昆士小學JQ S校友,請在評論網誌,寫上你現在是在那裏,再加一些評論,回憶在昆士學校時,值得你懷念的時光,或一些簡單的感受。