Curriculum Development

As part of an educational mandate by the the Commonwealth to improve public school teaching and learning, Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were developed as part of the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework. All public schools in the Commonwealth must transition to the CCSS regimen.

The Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) at JQS is working to develop a thoughtful plan to implement transition to the CCSS. To that end, JQS staff members are participating in Common Core workgroups to support teachers and families.

This plan is aligned with district and state initiatives including
Boston Public Schools aims to implement the CCSS so that by 2013-2014:
  • All teachers in all subjects in all grade levels rely on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks to promote student 
  • academic achievement. 
  • Teachers, administrators, and school staff are able to articulate how and why curriculum is aligned to Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and know which curricular resources and instructional strategies best support students as they move toward mastering the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.
  • Students and families have resources at their disposal to understand the significance of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and how the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks impact educational outcomes of Boston Public School students.
  • School staff, teachers, and administrators utilize high-quality, ongoing professional development, tools, and resources to support Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks implementation and teaching. 
  • District-wide formative and summative assessments provide timely data to schools and district on student achievement and fidelity to implementation of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.