English Language Arts (ELA)

English Language Arts at JQS

In reading and writing, instruction reflects the tenets of large group and small group workshops, along with individual work as appropriate to the reading and writing level of the student. Primary milestones are measure through Time, Ownership, Response, and Community. Teachers use the Massachusetts State Frameworks  (Frameworks link) and student assessment data to make instructional decisions.  Teachers follow the Gradual Release of Responsibility model: Explicitly teaching, modeling, guiding practice, and releasing responsibility to students.

JQS relies on several programs to promote literacy in the entire student body.

For Grade K1: Opening a World of Learning (OWL Link)

For Grades K2-5 – Reading Street, 2008 Edition (Reading Street Link)

To measure reading ability of children in Grades K-2 through 3, Text, Reading, and Comprehension (TRC) is used . In this assessment children are measured on words read per minute, then asked five questions on comprehension. This program is conducted in September, January, and June to ensure adequate progress.

It is known that 1st grade is a make or break time in children's learning to read. If a child is falling behind at this crucial time, it becomes only more difficult to catch up as time goes on.  For those students falling behind in reading ability, JQS provides early intervention with Reading Recovery. In this program students meet with the JQS Literacy Coach, Ms. Hamilton, for a period of twelve to twenty weeks with one-on-one exercises over a half hour. This program identifies and eliminates reading issues before they become problems. As Principal Ho says: The sooner a child enters JQS, the more chance of success she or he has!

Through a pupil's time at JQS, the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) program is utilized. For more information on DRA, please click on the link: Pearsons DRA

For Grades 4 and 5 - Advanced Work Curriculum (AWC link)

For English Language Learners – REACH Curriculum (REACH link)