Advanced Work Curriculum

Advanced Work Curriculum (AWC) at the Josiah Quincy School is a full-time program for qualified students in 4th and 5th grades. Students in AWC study the same topics as those in regular classes, but in greater depth. Students are expected to complete more schoolwork and more home study. In math, they study the curriculum for their own grade plus part of the work for the next grade level. (For example, grade 5 students will have studied half of the grade 6 math program by the end of the year.) In English Language Arts, students do more writing and read more challenging literature than in the regular curriculum. Students also study more in-depth Chinese.

How do students get into Advanced Work Curriculum?

All students take national tests in reading and math in grades 3, 4, and 5 to determine if they qualify for AWC. The tests are given in late September or early October each year. English language learners may take tests in Chinese. To stay in the program, students must reach Level 3 or 4 on all student products, meet the BPS attendance requirement, and maintain passing scores on the national reading and math tests.

How will I know if my child is eligible?

The BPS mails invitations to qualified students in January. If there are more qualified students than there are AWC seats available, students are invited to the program in rank order.

How are students assigned to AWC?

Eligible students will receive an application listing Advanced Work Curriculum choices for their geographic zone as well as their non-AWC school choices. AWC assignments are made following the regular BPS assignment policy (based on choice, sibling and walk zone preference, and random number). The parent numbers schools on the application in order of preference. Choices can be a combination of schools with and without AWC.