About JQS關於昆士學校

The Josiah Quincy School (JQS) is currently offering education from grade K1 to Grade 5, plus K0 for ELL students
昆士學校 (JQS ) 目前提供幼稚園低班K1至5年級課程,加上有為英語學習學生ELL而設的K0幼兒班。  
JQS Mission Statement 
 We seek to provide a challenging academic program that gives all students the means to meet high standards and achieve their best, to foster sound habits of mind and action, and to instill in our students such virtues as integrity, respect, and self discipline. 

JQS Bill of Rights 
 JQS takes very seriously the rights and responsibilities of each member of our school community.  When expectations are clearly articulated, everyone is better able to thrive in their academic, emotional, and physical development. Click Here to see the JQS Bill of Rights! 

JQS Curriculum 
 The JQS curriculum is developed by the JQS Instructional Leadership Team (ILT), a group of teachers and administrators dedicated to creating a nurturing learning environment for children, an effective, supported, and productive teaching environment for instructors, and  the best curriculum-based tools, resources, and programs for the entire school community. Click Here to learn more about the JQS Curriculum!

A Shining Example:

 Boston Magazine selected the Josiah Quincy School as one of the top 50 elementary schools in Massachusetts in 2005. Our students have responded to the school’s partnership for achievement. In 2005, 90 percent of Quincy 4th graders passed the English Language Arts portion of the MCAS and 87 percent passed the mathematics part. In the 2004-05 school year, the average daily student attendance rate was 97.5 percent, and 99.7 percent of children were promoted to the next grade. 

 That success has prompted the city to designate Josiah Quincy an Effective Practice School, making the school a training ground for teachers and administrators.

 Every year, the enthusiasm of our students and staff is on display in theatrical productions for a diverse collection of year-end holiday performances, and then again in early February for the Lunar New Year. From time to time, the walls are adorned with poetry and art gleaned from our classrooms. Beginning in 2011, the sounds of the JQS orchestras and choral groups can be heard in the halls outside the auditorium daily throughout the school year. Always, the halls of the Josiah Quincy School shine with the creativity and spirit of our children.

 Special Features:

  • Chosen as one of the 50 best public elementary schools in eastern Mass. in 2005 by Boston Magazine
  • An Effective Practice school, serving as a model for other BPS schools
  • Mandarin language instruction for all students
  • Small class size in grades 1 and 2
  • Robotic science program for grades 4 and 5
  • Clubs, dance troupes, music and swimming
  • Use of the Internet in all classrooms
  • Rooftop garden for outdoor learning and sustainability
  • Cultural events such as Lunar New Year and Diversity Celebration
  • Workshops for parents in Mandarin and English on curriculum and student expectations
  • Weekly coffee/tea hour for parents
  • Modern complex with rooftop play decks, two swimming pools, gym, auditorium, state-of-the-art play structures, community center and health center

Olynyk Opens National Grid Stem Lab

TOP-   Olynyk Opens National Grid STEM Lab  
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BOTTOMPatriots Kickoff the NFL Season in the Community 
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MacDonald (front center) visits Josiah Quincy fourth graders in Phil Amara’s (right) class. At left is assistant principal Michael McCarthy and second to the right is Crystal Oldham, executive director of the Hardwood Forest Foundation. (Image courtesy of Ling-Mei Wong.)Nicole Young, at center in white sweater, a City Connects coordinator at Josiah Quincy Elementary School in Boston, leads a tour of the school for college students who will be volunteer tutors there. New research suggests there is an academic payoff from the City Connects program, which links students and their families to supports and resources that align with their needs.

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昆士學校課程是由昆士學校教育領導團隊 ( ILT ) 研發的,這個由老師和行政人員組成的小組,致力在整個學校社區,為孩子創造一個培育的學習環境,給予教師有效能、具支援及富進取的教學環境,並有助他們為所有學生,提供最佳的課程基礎工具、資源和課程。

在2005年,波士頓雜誌選定了昆士學校,作為麻州前列50所小學之一。 我們的學生對合作夥伴的期望,在學業成績方面,作出了回應。 在2005年,昆士學校在麻州綜合評估 M C A S英文測驗中, 有90% 的4年級取合格,而在數學有87% 學生取得合格。在2004-05學年,學生平均每日出席率是97.5% ,而有99.7% 學生升級。

每年,我們的學生和教職員,熱情參與在年底舉行的多元假日劇作表演,此外,在2月初便有農曆年慶祝會。到時,牆壁掛滿學生的課堂詩歌習作和藝術裝飾。在2011年開始, 昆士學校JQ S樂隊和合唱團,經常在大禮堂內外,在學年間,觀眾每日都能聽到他們的表演及排練。在昆士學校大堂,煥發出我們孩子的創作和精神之光。
  • 為所有學生設普通話教學
  • 1和2年級小班教學
  • 4和5年級機器人科學項目
  • 興趣小組、舞蹈、音樂和游泳
  • 全校上網
  • 天台花園戶外課堂持續學習
  • 文化活動,如農曆年慶祝會和多元慶祝會
  • 為學生家長設普通話、英語及學生期望研修班
  • 每週咖啡茶座
  • 現代教學大樓,有天台遊樂架、兩個泳池、體育館、大禮堂、先進操場、社區活動中心和診所

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